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deBridge launches points program for decentralization, community engagement

source-logo  crypto.news 09 April 2024 18:55, UTC

The deBridge protocol has launched a point system to empower its community by recognizing contributions across its ecosystem.

Nearly three years into its mission, deBridge reports exponential growth in volumes, transactions, users, partners, and supported chains.

“Everyone who has used a deBridge product has contributed to our mission and deserves recognition for our collective success,” the company said in a blog post.

The points are structured to reward early supporters and active contributors alike without encouraging exploitative behavior. Points are awarded for using the deBridge protocol, including through its app and integrations, and all fees contribute to the treasury.

1/ deBridge Points are here

Everything you need to know 🧵 pic.twitter.com/8PhQx3JFYH

— deBridge (@deBridgeFinance) April 9, 2024
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The approach supports the deBridge DAO and incentivizes genuine use of the platform, deterring abuse by automated networks through fee-based gating.

Points can additionally be earned through various activities, such as making bridge transfers, and loyalty multipliers are added to further reward early and consistent supporters. The system allows for stacking multipliers under certain conditions, offering additional benefits for specific user categories, such as Solflare Wallet users and Curve LPs.

The deBridge initiative extends beyond rewarding users to encompass referrals and integrations, encouraging the expansion of its ecosystem through collaborative efforts. The launch of deBridge’s Integrator as a Service (IaaS) is pioneering for EVM & SVM blockchain ecosystems, enhancing interoperability and ease of use across chains.

7/ Subscribing to deBridge IaaS

Any address that initiates a new blockchain subcription to deBridge IaaS gets 30 points for every $1 of IaaS fees paid

— deBridge (@deBridgeFinance) April 9, 2024
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