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Farmsent Joins peaqosystem to Revolutionize Global Food Supply Chains

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 09 April 2024 17:26, UTC

Farmsent, the transformational platform that seeks to overhaul the global food supply chain, has finally joined the peaqosystem. With a focus on connecting farmers directly with consumers, Farmsent is reshaping the access to food by prioritizing transparency. In addition to this, it boosts farmers’ profits, and gives them control over their products and sales channels.

Welcome to the peaqosystem, @Farmsent_io 🧑‍🌾🚜

Farmsent is a #DePIN re-imagining the global food supply chain by connecting farmers directly with consumers 🌾

With over 160,000 farmers already leveraging Farmsent in Indonesia and Colombia, Farmsent is building natively on peaq… pic.twitter.com/Jat86GWkAj

— peaq (@peaqnetwork) April 9, 2024

peaq IDs Revolutionize Food Journey Transparency for Farmsen

Farmsent promotes transparency in operations, increasing farmers’ earnings, and provides farmers with full control over their commodities and unmediated selling platforms. Keeping in view all these services, Farmsent has already served over 160,000 farmers in Indonesia and Colombia. However, several other considerations prompted Farmsent to integrate with peaq.

Firstly, the firm aims to use peaq IDs to outfit various farm and supply chain related devices to guarantee that the food journey will be clear to consumers. Farmsent will utilize peaq’s Decentralized Identity System to create the most reliable global food traceability mechanism possible. It will give consumers access to the most reputable food source information. Additionally, Farmsent plans to implement reward mechanisms that pass Farmsent DePIN on the peaq platform through this setup.

Secondly, awarding farmers facilitates not only participation in the ecosystem but also punishes and rewards great deeds in a manner that is transparent and fair.

Farmsent’s Co-founder Urges Transparency in Food Supply

Farmsent appreciates the Modular DePIN Function and the DePIN-friendly economics. They can accomplish several additional things such as enhance operations, economize more properly, and create a shell scrap that most likely gratifies everyone.

Yog, Farmsent’s co-founding father and current CEO, stresses the urgency to bring a Web3 technology solution to the dreadful global food business. Opting to implement peaq’s exhaustive array of services was a no-brainer since Farmsent undoubtedly understood the arrangement. Integrating Farmsent is a major step toward ensuring that the world works in a more transparent, reasonable, and sustainable food supply chain.