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Creso announces integrating Ankr’s RPC

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 09 April 2024 15:40, UTC

Creso has announced its plans to integrate Ankr’s RPC. The objective is to enhance its performance and reliability. Ankr brings its robust infrastructure and a Multi Chain Compatible RPC provider to the table. Members of the ecosystem will gain access to a faster and more secure transaction.

Creso is further planning to gain access to RPC requests for the deployment of smart contracts, retrieval of data networks, and execution of transactions.

Creso has confirmed this development by sharing the post on X. Members of both communities have expressed their optimism about the development, especially for the respective native tokens. They are expecting the announcement to do wonders for Creso’s CRE and Ankr’s ANKR. So far, that has not happened, for CRE and ANKR are down by 5.69% and 3.56% in the last 24 hours, in the same order.

Nevertheless, it is a development that both communities are now looking forward to.

Optimism within Creso’s ecosystem is further cemented by its recent announcement of major platform updates. These include enhanced user privacy, a streamlined verification process, and universal access. These align with the mission to constantly expand the ecosystem via developments and collaborations and form a crucial part of decentralized identity verification on Creso.

A streamlined verification process, for one, eliminates unnecessary barriers from Creso that have been causing hindrances. Users can now verify their identity faster without suffering from any security issues. User privacy is all about giving consumers more control over how their personal data is handled on the platform and the security of their transactions. Lastly, universal access makes the service available to all potential users, regardless of where they are in the world.

As for Ankr, the platform recently announced that it would join hands with Witness Chain to ignite innovation with AVS and DePIN collaboration.

Ankr selected Witness Chain in part because of its objective, which included integrating DePIN economies. It serves well to advance Ankr’s commitment, which highlights its aim to empower DePIN networks with the best infrastructure resources available.

Circling back to Creso integrating Ankr’s RPC, the move marks an expansion in both ecosystems. Ankr RPC has a new partner on the list, while Creso has a chance to boost the platform’s performance and reliability. Ankr brings its infrastructure and Multi Chain Compatible RPC provider along with access to RPC requests for the deployment of smart contracts, retrieval of data network, and execution of transactions.

In the end, members of the ecosystem gain faster transaction execution speeds and have a seamless crypto experience.

Numerous participants have referred to this as a “massive integration,” while others have speculated that the native token may see growth in the future. A tentative schedule is out of the question, as the final outcome will be determined after the merger has spent a few days in the market.