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Theta Labs share EdgeCloud Q2 release details with Generative AI

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 09 April 2024 12:00, UTC

Theta Labs recently talked about its much-anticipated EdgeCloud Q2 release. The team is working to launch the v1 of EdgeCloud right now.

The tool suite will enable researchers, enterprises, and developers to access the most effective GPU processing power. The power can be used for gaming tasks, and 3D, video, and AI rendering.

The strategy will combine the advantages of decentralized platforms and cloud computing. EdgeCloud, powered by the robust Theta Edge Network, will increase overall processing power for all users.

Theta Labs previously announced the debut of its EdgeCloud toolset with other AI models a week ago. Now, the venture has confirmed that EdgeCloud v1 will be released on May 1st. The release will provide AI developers access to tools and dashboards for EdgeCloud.

The platform will support stable diffusion text-to-video and text-to-image, Meta Llama 2, Google Gemma LLMs, CodeLlama coding model, etc. The AI models will be supported by V1 as templates for users to select from and offer easy configuration.

Theta Labs plans to deploy an updated Edge node client with Elite+ Booster features on June 26. The feature will enable EN users to partake in the computing and AI jobs by EdgeCloud.

The network has broken these releases into two sections for the upcoming hackathon. While no information about the hackathon has been released, the event is likely to attract new developers to the Theta ecosystem and EdgeCloud.

The approach also allows the Theta team to collaborate with early AI partners and customers to test the ecosystem. With the June 26 release, the rewards system will also be wrapped up.

Moreover, Theta will complete the integration with a cloud-based GPU platform and distributed edge nodes. Given the scale of the upcoming updates, the entire Theta team is keenly working to make it a success.