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Tria and Neo X Partner to Revolutionize Web3 User Experience

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 08 April 2024 09:47, UTC

Tria, a consumer-centric Layer 1 chain, has recently announced its partnership with Neo X. It is an EVM-compatible sidechain of the Neo Smart Economy. Both companies have set out to drastically change the consumer experience in the Web3 ecosystem to achieve massive adoption of decentralized technologies.

Today, @useTria is thrilled to announce its partnership with Neo X – an EVM-compatible sidechain of @Neo_Blockchain, to bring Web2-like flawless UX to Web3, further accelerating our mutual mission for mass adoption.

Eliminate Toxic MEV 🤝Consumer-first L1. pic.twitter.com/vUudZUhkaE

— Tria (Prev. Threely) (@useTria) April 8, 2024

Neo X and Tria to Revolutionize Web3 Accessibility with Instant Liquidity

Neo X, as a sidechain of the Neo Smart Economy, is resistant to Miner Extractable Value and entirely compatible with Ethereum tooling. It is a decentralized and welcoming place of open opportunities where developers can flourish and actively participate in creating the Smart Economy. Tria’s focus is on delivering a great experience for decentralized applications.

By working with Neo X, dApps built on the sidechain can provide user journeys that are nearly indistinguishable from Web2. Seamless swaps and bridges with instant liquidity enhance accessibility to different assets and markets. In addition to all this, it empowers users to explore and engage with a broader range of opportunities.

Tria and Neo X Introduce Seamless Swaps to Enhance Web3 Convenience

Through this collaboration, Tria and Neo X are bridging the gap between the underlying blockchain’s complex technical architecture and Web2’s user friendly UI and user experiences. The end result is a level of user accessibility and convenience that will make W3 applications a smooth transition for Web2 users rather than a learning curve.

Gasless transactions massively help mass adoption as it gets rid of a significant barrier to DeFi and blockchain interaction. Seamless swaps and bridges remove the need for multiple wallets, multi-step processes that disincentivize first-time buyers. Additionally, AI engagement adds a personal touch for the user collector experience impossible before this point. This partnership is a step change in the accessibility and convenience of W3, and this is just the beginning.