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Coin98 Integrates Kava EVM, Advancing DeFi Access

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 08 April 2024 07:27, UTC

A major player in the cryptocurrency space, Coin98 has achieved an important milestone by integrating Kava EVM into its platform. Coin98’s integration marks a significant advancement within the Kava Chain, an independent component underpinning the broader Cosmos ecosystem. A critical layer within the Kava blockchain, Kava EVM shares the open-source Ethereum’s Virtual Machine architecture.

Coin98 Super Wallet now integrates Kava EVM – a pivotal component within the @KAVA_CHAIN, uniquely blending EVM compatibility with the enriched features provided by the Cosmos SDK.

For further details on the user's benefits following the integration 👉 https://t.co/Ct9dzaR0XF… pic.twitter.com/5gCNmoBNtp

— Coin98 Super Wallet (@coin98_wallet) April 7, 2024

Coin98 Enables Seamless DeFi Opportunities with Kava EVM

By integrating the Kava EVM, Coin98 intends to connect Ethereum’s proven smart contract service with Cosmos SDK’s innovative, scalable, and interoperable capabilities. This strategic pairing allows developers with skills in Solidity to expand their Ethereum-based applications to the Kava blockchain, accessing the network’s high throughput, greater security, and the wider benefits offered by the Cosmos ecosystem.

For Coin98 Super Wallet users, this offers several benefits such as easily creating or restoring Kava wallets, transferring KAVA tokens quickly, and benefiting from a diverse range of Player-versus-Environment multiplayer modules. Ultimately, this expanded access to opportunities in DeFi allows Coin98 to allow more people to be a part of the revolution through financial decentralization. The integration of Coin98’s underlying architecture with the Kava network may advance the priority of Web3 mobility and scalability.

The integration underpinning the connection of Kava EVM to the Kava network positions Coin98 to promote and incentivize developers and users to engage in DeFi. Cross-chain protocols and applications are reflective of the current generation of Web3 networks; and, as a result, users can expect more of such integrations in the future.

Kava EVM Integration Positions Coin98 as Key Player in Web3 Evolution

The integration also represents how Coin98 Ecosystem continues to offer its users superior equivalents that widen their reach to cryptocurrency services. Together with Kava EVM, Coin98 development kit is preparing itself as the leading place to provide all solutions in creating and consuming DeFi services. More partnerships and integrations similar to Coin98 and Kava EVM are likely to occur, proving that we are embarking on a future with a well-connected cryptocurrency field.

The core implementation of Kava EVM into the Coin98 platform is a significant innovation event in the Web3 industry’s efforts to find scaling. The project harmonizes the current Ethereum value with Cosmos and integrates users to access various services powered via decentralized applications.