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Celestia’s Blobstream goes live on Arbitrum Orbit

source-logo  cryptobriefing.com 07 April 2024 19:14, UTC

Celestia, the pioneering modular blockchain network, announced this week the deployment of its data availability solution, Blobstream, on Arbitrum Orbit. This move enables layer 2 (L2) and layer 3 (L3) networks built on the Arbitrum platform to leverage Blobstream for enhanced scalability and cost-effective operations.

Developed by Celestia in collaboration with Succinct, Blobstream uses zero-knowledge proof to authenticate blockchain information efficiently. This new approach is poised to address the data availability challenges that many builders face while developing products on Ethereum. These challenges often lead to increased costs or the need to migrate to alternative layer 1 networks.

“Before Celestia, throughput limitations forced developers building expressive onchain applications to migrate to alt-L1s or required the overhead of recruiting a committee to deploy their own chain,” noted Celestia in a post on X.

According to Celestia, L2 and L3 networks utilizing Arbitrum Orbit can now adopt Celestia’s light client for data availability sampling (DAS). This method allows for the validation of blockchain data availability without the need to download the entire dataset, cutting down on storage expenses and transaction fees.

Celestia claimed that the new approach also eliminates the need for projects to form a data availability committee, which was previously necessary to store and supply transaction data upon request.

Prior to this deployment, Celestia had already introduced Blobstream to two of Ethereum’s other major L2 networks, Starknet and Base, marking a consistent effort to improve the infrastructure across the Ethereum ecosystem.