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Manta Network Unveils Manta AI for Next-Gen AI Development on Manta Pacific

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 04 April 2024 20:46, UTC

Manta Network has announced a collaboration with Celestia, ORA, and Hyperbolic, ushering in a new era of AI development on the Manta Pacific platform. The integration of Manta AI brings a comprehensive suite of AI tools, covering the entire lifecycle from training to deployment and inference, all powered by Universal Circuits.

This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in the convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, offering developers unparalleled capabilities to build and scale AI applications on Manta Pacific.

As the largest modular L2 ecosystem, Manta Network provides an ideal environment for deploying and scaling AI applications. Leveraging a modular architecture, developers can seamlessly integrate AI tools and services into their applications, unlocking new possibilities for innovation.

With Celestia driving Manta Pacific’s modular data availability, developers have access to unmatched scalability for high-performance applications powered by advanced AI algorithms. Through the collaboration with Hyperbolic, Manta AI enhances Universal Circuits, enabling developers to leverage state-of-the-art AI models and services to unlock previously unattainable use cases.

Empowering Developers with AI-as-a-Service Toolkits

ORA’s innovative machine learning protocol (opML) facilitates a cost-effective and scalable solution for running off-chain inference with on-chain verifiability. With the deployment of ORA’s On-chain AI Oracle (OAO) on Manta Pacific, developers gain access to scalable inference features directly on the network.

By integrating these features into Universal Circuits, Manta Network simplifies the development process for next-generation AI dapps, empowering developers to leverage AI capabilities seamlessly.

Furthermore, Manta Network’s commitment to democratizing AI extends to its Universal Circuits, which will soon offer AI-as-a-Service toolkits. These toolkits provide developers with access to off-chain inference of powerful AGI models, eliminating barriers to entry for developers with limited AI experience.

Leveraging Celestia’s modular data availability architecture, Manta Pacific ensures low costs for users interacting with on-chain AI applications at scale, driving significant savings and enhancing accessibility to AI-powered solutions.