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Subsquid Introduces Support for Prom to Enhance On-Chain Data Accessibility

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 03 April 2024 10:55, UTC

Subsquid, the leading decentralized data lake provider, has recently introduced support for Prom to the platform. This is a major breakthrough in the smooth accessibility of on-chain information for developers wishing to apply it in their projects. The Subsquid SDK now supports Prom usage. It makes it easier for developers working within the Prom ecosystem to access all the data they require from one location.

Prom Bridges Blockchain Ecosystems for Seamless Integration

Prom, a modular ZkEVM Layer 2 solution, further distinguishes itself as an interoperability facilitator across chains. In contrast, the current platforms that require developers to target one chain or virtual machine. In addition to this, Prom eliminates these barriers with a genuinely multichain solution. It bridges blockchain ecosystems and enables projects to integrate and communicate across chains.

We've just integrated a new chain.

Meet @prom_io, the modular zkEVM that connects EVM and non-EVM chains.

Learn more about our latest addition:https://t.co/WFHasItzJy pic.twitter.com/BF3kM59SEp

— Subsquid 🦑 (@subsquid) April 3, 2024

The most notable feature of Prom is this multichain interoperability chains. These are EVM-compatible chains likeVirtual Machine and those that are not like Bitcoin orcan communicate without issues. Multichain function guarantees that projects remain relevant to users in the ever-changing blockchain environment.

By including it in the Subsquid ecosystem, Prom has shown its readiness to eliminate storage of chains for a great cloud. The cooperation with the Prom team will ensure web3 adoption following Subsquid’s mission of improving accessibility. With this, Subsquid has established a multichain connection. It facilitates the access to a multiple-data source blockchain network.

Prom and Subsquid Aim to Streamline Decentralized App Development

Ethereum used to be the primary blockchain by users. However, more networks such as Solana andhave become more active. Due to active newly growing chains, Subsquid through Prom collaboration can help in the growth of new ecosystems. The integration process ensures that developers have the best experience and flexibility. As a result, it will simplify how decentralized apps are produced and linked.

Lastly, the announcement of Subsquid that it will support the Prom platform to diversify chains confidentially displays that the organization wants to encourage more use of chains. Subsquid wishes to assist this technology initiative by working collaboratively with Prom. The two organizations’ action plan will help establish a more connected-blockchain future. Consequently, app developers will make linked apps on this due to the simple Prom connection.