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Coin98 Super Wallet Integrates Berachain Testnet for Enhanced Decentralized Exploration

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 31 March 2024 20:10, UTC

Coin98 has introduced an integration with Berachain Testnet on its Super Wallet, giving users more opportunities to explore the decentralized world. The Coin98 Super Wallet allows users to create or restore their wallets and send $BERA tokens on Berachain Testnet. Users can try out a wide range of dApps on the blockchain that are still in their early stages.

Coin98 Super Wallet now integrates @berachain Testnet 🐻 – an EVM equivalent L1 built on top of the Cosmos SDK, using Proof of Liquidity (PoL) Consensus.

🐻 Read more about this integration 👉 https://t.co/2VKOYbNMPb

Download #Coin98SuperWallet and discover the 🐻 #Berachain… pic.twitter.com/58rTWdu19M

— Coin98 Super Wallet (@coin98_wallet) March 31, 2024

Berachain Integration Marks Coin98’s Commitment to Blockchain Diversity

Through this integration, users position themselves as primary supporters of the upcoming developments on this blockchain. The growing interest in blockchain has led to an increasing number of blockchains as well as decentralized applications being developed.

Users continue to discover various decentralized finance enivironments, looking for experiences and investments. Coin98 has made a habit of integrating well-known blockchains, opening up the newest areas for the users. The current focus is on Berachain which is a unique blockchain.

Built on top of the Cosmos SDK, Berachain is an EVM-equivalent L1. It uses a Proof of Liquidity (PoL) Consensus, which is a type of shared Proof of Stake technology. Even more, Berachain emphasizes creating an environment where repetitive forks are undesirable, thus ensuring long-term sustainability.

Coin98 Super Wallet Users Enjoy Early Access

Last week, Berachain opened its testnet to the public, releasing its PoL consensus for the first time. In addition to this, users can now access different dApps on the test blockchain, where they can swap BERA tokens, mint HONEY tokens, and provide liquidity on BEX liquidity pools.

Additionally, users have access to trading perpetual contracts, lending HONEY tokens, and even minting NFTs as evidence of their early interaction with the chain. The Coin98 Super Wallet users benefit significantly from the Berachain Testnet integration. They can use the feature to run new use cases, send BERA tokens, and manage their wallets within their regular interface.

In addition, the Super Wallet takes advantage of this opportunity to give users access even before most of the dApps and other features are on the platform. Therefore, Coin98 further democratizes blockchain access by increasing users’ flexibility to access more platforms.

Finally, the Berachain Testnet integration is a broad area for users to access recent decentralization. Therefore, users are advised to experience the process of decentralizing the world.