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Ankr unveils Neura: A revolutionary AI & Blockchain platform

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 27 March 2024 11:00, UTC

Neura was designed to resolve certain challenges AI developers face when bringing new projects to the existing market. This newly formed technology offers a foundational infrastructure for different AI startups by offering accessibility for decentralized GPU resources. It is a crypto-based crowd-funding and on-chain AI operations for creating a new arena of AI and blockchain.

Initially, Neura suggests an amalgamation of AI, web3, and cloud technologies to initiate the transformation of AI companies by training models, deploying, and operating in the blockchain phase. Ankr was thrilled to announce Neura’s release in the contemporary IT market by bringing effective innovation executed by its team Neura.

With its enriching blockchain innovation and infrastructure, Ankr is at the top of Web3 and AI convergence. It leverages the Cosmos SDK to acquire a flexible landscape and hold Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM to achieve wider compatibility. Considering these facts, Neura blockchain is enriched to avail a revolutionary solution for addressing wide industrial challenges.

Core benefits of Neura Blockchain

Neura aims to scale up the decentralized GPU marketplace, which empowers developers by providing them with scalable access to GPU resources. It is crucial for AI blockchain computations to democratize the accessibility of computational power by reducing the internal gap between developers and GPU providers.

In terms of creating economics and new funding for AI, Neura generates initial Model Offerings (IMOs), which indicate groundbreaking funding mechanisms by enabling AI projects. It aims to secure investment opportunities through computational resources and the development of blockchain-based AI.

In developing IMO, Neura offers AI token sales, fractionalized Ownership, and revenue-sharing opportunities through which business models can be more empowered. It also offers efficient data handling and provides Ironclad Bitcoin Security. Such decentralized storage solutions, such as Arweave, EigenLayer, and IPFS, are found to be cutting-edge off-chain storage solutions in Neura.

In Neura’s operational model, the ANKR token is at the center. It is a universal currency for enhancing the accessibility to GPU resources and acquiring AI services through participation in IMOs. The launching of Neura transforms a rewarding ecosystem of blockchain for compensating AI developers and GPU providers. It demonstrates transparent utility, a broader innovation, growth, and demand strategy.