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Ankr Unveils Neura Blockchain to Pioneer New Era in AI, Cloud Computing, and Web3

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 26 March 2024 14:13, UTC

In a landmark development for the Web3 and AI sectors, Ankr has announced the forthcoming launch of the Neura blockchain, a pioneering platform aimed at addressing the foundational needs of AI startups. The Neura blockchain emerges as a trailblazing infrastructure, amalgamating decentralized GPU resources, crypto-based crowdfunding, and on-chain AI operations to revolutionize the deployment, training, and functioning of AI models on blockchain technology.

Neura stands out by tackling three significant hurdles faced by AI startups: the high demand for GPU resources, data management challenges, and the daunting task of securing funding. At the heart of its innovative approach is a blockchain protocol that orchestrates a decentralized marketplace for GPU power. This platform enables AI models to tap into a reservoir of on-demand computing prowess, leverage a decentralized data storage system, and utilize smart contracts to streamline AI access, asset management, and operational processes.

A Fusion of Web3 and AI

Chandler Song, Co-Founder and CEO of Ankr, envisions Neura as a superior operating system for AI’s neural networks. He said, “Neura offers a superior operating system for the neural networks of AI models, supercharging them with trusted data, scalable access to GPU resources, smart contract automation, and new economic models more capable of handling by-the-second demands of future AI apps and payments. The convergence of Web3 and AI will be one of the most important events for both industries, and we are very excited to be leading the way,”

Neura is not just another blockchain; it is a meticulously engineered platform built on the sturdy foundations of the Cosmos SDK and enhanced for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. The integration facilitates not only scalability and interoperability but also ensures data security and integrity by partnering with off-chain storage solutions like Celestia, EigenLayer, IPFS, and Arweave. This strategic approach prevents the blockchain from being inundated with bulky AI model data, thereby maintaining efficient and seamless operations.

Adopting Bitcoin’s time-tested security protocols through the Babylon BTC staking protocol, Neura ensures top-tier protection for all transactions and data within its ecosystem. The ANKR token, pivotal to the ecosystem, facilitates a variety of transactions and incentives within Neura, including AI usage payments and rewards for both AI developers and GPU providers. Additionally, Neura introduces novel token standards such as ERC-404 and ERC-7641 to promote fractional ownership and transparent revenue sharing among developers through Initial Model Offerings (IMOs).

Empowering the Web3 Revolution

Beyond Neura, Ankr continues to position itself as a comprehensive Web3 development hub. Offering a rich suite of tools for multi-chain dApp development, blockchain engineering, and crypto staking solutions, Ankr empowers individuals and businesses to venture into Web3 development effortlessly. With its globally distributed node infrastructure, Ankr is facilitating a more decentralized, democratic, and user-centric web experience, making it easier for anyone to build, earn, and participate in the evolving crypto economy.

The launch of the Neura blockchain by Ankr represents a significant milestone in the evolution of AI and Web3 technologies. By addressing key challenges and offering innovative solutions, Neura is set to redefine the landscape for AI startups and foster a new era of technological synergy and growth. As the industry eagerly anticipates its release, the Neura blockchain promises to be a beacon of innovation, guiding the future direction of AI and blockchain integration.