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Here’s How ANZ and Chainlink Are Changing the Game with Avalanche for Global Asset Trading

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 22 March 2024 19:16, UTC

The financial sector is witnessing a transformative era as blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the tokenization of assets gain traction among industry leaders. A recent report by SWIFT highlighted that roughly 97% of institutional investors view tokenization as a game-changer for the asset management sector.

This innovative approach to capital markets infrastructure and institutional workflows is set to redefine traditional processes, offering a glimpse into the future of finance.

In this evolving landscape, a noteworthy collaboration between Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) and Chainlink Labs has come to light, showcasing the integration of blockchain technology in the global movement and settlement of tokenized assets, specifically leveraging the capabilities of Avalanche and Ethereum networks.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the practical application of blockchain interoperability solutions, such as Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), to facilitate seamless transactions across different blockchain networks. ANZ, serving over 8.5 million customers across nearly 30 markets, has embarked on this venture to explore the potential of digital assets on-chain.

The initiative focuses on Delivery vs. Payment (DvP), a settlement method that ensures the exchange of payment for securities is simultaneous, thereby minimizing risk. By tokenizing both assets and payments on the same blockchain infrastructure, the process is streamlined, offering a modernized approach to DvP settlements.

Pioneering Tokenized Asset Transactions

In a notable simulation, ANZ demonstrated the purchase of tokenized assets on the Ethereum network, priced in one stablecoin, with the initiation and settlement of transactions occurring on the Avalanche network in another stablecoin.

The process involved ANZ’s Digital Asset Services (DAS) portal, where customers could engage in the buying and selling of tokenized New Zealand dollar stablecoins (NZ$DC) on Avalanche, and subsequently acquire tokenized Australian nature-based assets issued as NFTs and denominated in tokenized Australian dollar stablecoins (A$DC) on Ethereum.

This intricate transaction process was made possible through CCIP, which facilitated the transfer of data and tokens between the and Avalanche blockchains, showcasing the interoperability and efficiency of blockchain technology in financial transactions.

Advancing the Financial Ecosystem

The initiative further highlights the flexibility and innovation offered by Avalanche’s Evergreen Subnets, which provide an EVM-compatible, permissioned environment tailored for specific use cases like ANZ’s project.

This customizable feature is pivotal for institutions exploring blockchain and digital asset strategies, enabling them to operate within a secure and regulated framework while still benefiting from the broader blockchain ecosystem’s innovations and developer communities.

The project not only underscores the potential for blockchain to modernize the rails of the global financial system but also sets a precedent for other traditional financial service providers to follow in ANZ’s footsteps.