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Internet Computer (ICP) Demonstrates The First Blockchain-based Smart Contract With Artificial Intelligence

source-logo  cryptonews.net 22 March 2024 13:44, UTC

Internet Computer (ICP) CEO and Chief Scientist Dominic WILLIAMS took to X to showcase a demonstration of the parent company, DFinity’s latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation. According to Williams, ICP introduced the first blockchain-based artificial intelligence smart contract. He described the new product as “a demonstration of AI running *on* blockchain as a smart contract.”

The Internet Computer AI is part of the protocol’s mission to develop a system where large language models (LLMs) run as smart contracts on ICPs. Additionally, the mission is expected to be tamper-proof, unstoppable and, if necessary, autonomous. Cognition Labs’ Devin is almost similar to the Internet Computer AI model, with the only difference being that the former is focused on training other LLMs.

Codes for ICP are not currently available, but will be available soon. The Internet Computer’s AI runs on the ICP DFINITY testnet, but at the same time developers will be allowed to push the code to the public network where it will run. NNS is expected to increase the instruction limit per transaction in the foreseeable future. As Williams noted, some other features have not yet been fully implemented in the Internet Computer AI.

Image: CoinCodex