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1RPC Partners with Axelar, Expands Web3 Support to 55 Networks

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 20 March 2024 14:47, UTC

1RPC, a prominent Web3 relay service by Automata Network, has recently announced its support for Axelar. It is a cutting-edge programmable Web3 interoperability platform. This development marks a significant milestone in the Web3 world. It expands the number of supported networks on the 1RPC Web3 relay to a total of 55. An innovative platform from Axelar supports the next generation of web apps, allowing billions of people to use them.

1RPC now supports @axelarnetwork.

Safeguard your data with zero metadata exposure through our public endpoint: https://t.co/rs2m1o0aHK

Learn more ↓https://t.co/FfZkPXOUsQ

— 1rpc _ (@1rpc_) March 20, 2024

1RPC Enables API Key Creation for Axelar Users to Personalize Web3 Experience

Users can now connect to an Axelar mainnet-only public endpoint since 1RPC now supports it. Users can use the Web3 relay with one click, and this seamless integration makes connecting to 1RPC on Axelar easier. The Axelar 1RPC URL can be found by searching “Axelar.” in the 1RPC dashboard. They can use the full Web3 relay on the Axelar network by adding this URL to their wallet settings.

1RPC allows users connect to the Axelar mainnet and create API keys using their wallet credentials. This personalized approach enables users customize their Web3 relay experience. 1RPC’s Plus plans offer higher rate limits and testnet support, giving users more flexibility.

1RPC’s Web3 relay has great security features like phishing-preventing transaction sanitizers. These transaction sanitizers protect Web3 users from phishing, scams, and fraud. 1RPC blocks suspicious transactions to protect Web3’s integrity. This ensures a smooth and safe user experience.

Axelar Foundation Backs 1RPC-Axelar Collaboration for Web3 Interoperability

The non-profit Axelar Foundation, which encourages the network’s adoption and growth, supports the 1RPC-Axelar partnership. Using its decentralized interoperability network, Axelar aims to connect many blockchain ecosystems and make platform collaboration easy. 1RPC is working with Axelar to improve Web3 interoperability and scalability to help the decentralized web grow and mature. Additionally, 1RPC supports Axelar, a modular attestation layer that increases Ethereum trust.

As the Web3 ecosystem grows and changes, security and interoperability are crucial for innovation and adoption. 1RPC helps shape the decentralized web by making it easy to connect to multiple blockchain networks and implementing strong security measures. 1RPC leads the Web3 revolution by focusing on quality and innovation. In this way, it makes it easy and safe for users to participate in the decentralized economy.