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MXS Games Launches a Player-Centric Fairer Gaming Forum on Avalanche

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 19 March 2024 20:40, UTC

MXS Games, a PC and mobile-based gaming studio, is reportedly launching a gaming forum on Avalanche. Avalanche took to X to disclose that the purpose of the new gaming forum would be the provision of player-centric and fairer games with the use of blockchain technology. The respective project will minimize the requirement for the utilization of complicated Web3 instruments.

.@metaxseed is gearing up for mainnet launch on Avalanche and is aiming for a fairer, player-centric gaming platform.

MXS Games rapidly went from testing its Subnet to gearing up for launch–all thanks to @AvaCloud. https://t.co/k0o2Levoq4

— Avalanche 🔺 (@avax) March 19, 2024

MXS Games Unveils Player-Centric Gaming Project on Avalanche to Facilitate Users

MXS Games permits players to obtain in-game assets along with freely using them across diverse games. In addition to this, they can also get rewards with a proportion of the revenue that the company generates from ads. At present, the firm boasts more than 500,000 downloads throughout the alpha testnet stage.

MXS intends to emerge as a gaming forum that devotedly operates for the players. The Subnets of Avalanche will assist the firm in processing huge transfers along with sustaining low latency. Another significant thing in this respect is the provision of matchless transactions of assets among MXS games. AvaCloud takes the credit for translating this into reality. These developments point out that the company is witnessing evolution just like the Web3 infrastructure.

Players to Get a Percentage of the Revenue that the Firm Gets from Ads

XSEED, the utility token of MXXS Games powers diverse factors dealing with gaming experience. This takes into account in-game transfers, gaming asset buyouts, and gas fees. The players will likely get the specified proportions of the ad revenues in stablecoins. With the use of a DAO, the gaming community members will contribute to choosing future games.

MetaXSeed Games operates as a games studio that deals with Web3. It focuses on the use of blockchain technology to strengthen games. MXS Games-based games have compatibility with mobile and PC devices. People interested in playing these games will reportedly get a percentage of the firm’s revenue. They can also determine the platform’s gaming portfolio’s future.

AvaCloud runs an organized blockchain service, permitting developers to swiftly build, scale, and deploy customized decentralized networks. It offers more than 50k transfers per second apart from sub-second transfer finality. Moreover, it has net-zero carbon emissions. It provides a no-code portal, network monitoring, automated infrastructure, as well as 24/7 client support. Ava Labs focuses on innovating the Web3 sector with its contribution to such latest endeavors.