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Outlier Ventures and peaq Launch DePIN Base Camp Accelerator

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 19 March 2024 13:33, UTC

Outlier Ventures and peaq have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to launch the DePIN Base Camp Accelerator program. Decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) can be developed and used faster with this initiative. DePINs reportedly will change many aspects of life.

peaq and Outlier Ventures (@OVioHQ) present:

DePIN Base Camp 🏕️

An accelerator program empowering the next generation of visionary #DePIN founders, by #Web3’s biggest accelerator and fastest-growing Layer-1 for #DePINs ✨

⏰ 12-week program
💰 Up to $200k in funding
📅… pic.twitter.com/Dl6x2wfTy6

— peaq (@peaqnetwork) March 19, 2024

DePIN Base Camp to Launch 12-Week Program

DePINs are at the forefront of the transition to Web3. They aim to disrupt traditional industries by leveraging blockchain technology to create decentralized infrastructure solutions. DePINs offer new solutions to energy, mobility, data collection, and other issues. They improve system efficiency and openness.

The 12-week DePIN Base Camp Accelerator program helps DePIN teams worldwide in many ways. Participants will receive workshops, mentorship, and up to $200,000 in investments to help them advance their projects and navigate Web3.

DePIN Base Camp aims to unite new DePIN projects and prominent Web3 investors. The programme encourages founders and investors to collaborate, resulting in new ideas and global decentralized infrastructure adoption.

The program will begin in May 2024 with remote workshops on architecture, business models, and incentive mechanisms. Outlier Ventures and peaq experts will lead these workshops, which will provide information and solutions to many DePIN project problems.

Mentoring sessions, where people can get personalized advice, will also be vital to the program. Mentors will provide valuable feedback and advice based on their Web3 expertise to help participants achieve their goals.

DePIN Base Camp Accelerator works with peaq, a top layer-1 blockchain network for DePINs. Participants can use peaq’s technology and expertise to access cutting-edge tools and resources to accelerate their projects.

Outlier Ventures CPO Benjamin Meyer Emphasizes Real-World Impact of DePIN Projects

peaq co-founder Max Thake called DePIN Web3’s most exciting area and was excited about the partnership. Thake highlighted Outlier Ventures’ early recognition of DePINs’ real-world impact in his speech. He also stressed the importance of supporting projects that could improve things and transform old industries.

Outlier Ventures Chief Product Officer Benjamin Meyer agreed with the founders and stressed the importance of helping them build scalable businesses that meet real-world needs. Meyer stressed the importance of expanding DePINs’ use to data collection, the IoT, and social platforms, emphasizing their power to change things.

The DePIN Base Camp Accelerator advances decentralized infrastructure solutions overall. By supporting DePIN teams and encouraging founders and investors to collaborate, the program aims to accelerate Web3 technology adoption and improve many real-world areas.