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Elderberry upgrade positioned live on Mainnet

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 15 March 2024 17:31, UTC

The Elderberry upgrade is now positioned live on Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta, signaling a noteworthy improvement in the network’s capabilities. The Infra providers will be required to update the new versions of node and prover. The step has been taken in favor of the mass adoption of Web3.

Elderberry comes with essential maximizations pertaining to the ROM that help lessen specific out-of-counter mistakes on the network. Added to that are certain corrections to the new Etrog upgrade.

It can be compared to Ethereum’s EVM Interpreter, which interprets the execution logic of transactions. Besides, it also interprets opcodes for Polygon zkEVM.

With the Elderberry being positioned live, framework builders are required to follow some steps to utilize the upgrade effectively. Infra-dev users will require the latest version of the bridge service, prover, and node. However, the dApp builders on the network need not trouble themselves. From the end user’s viewpoint, all functions will remain the same.

Prior to implementation, testing was performed on Polygon zkEVM Cardona Testnet. The users can expect a smooth transition.

In February, the 10-day timelock for the upgrade of Polygon zkEVM Mainnet was announced and concluded on March 7. The timelock was given to users if they wished to withdraw funds before the implementation of the upgrade.