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Aptos taps Google Cloud to boost web3 gaming experience

source-logo  crypto.news 15 March 2024 12:12, UTC

Aptos Labs, the team behind the layer-1 blockchain, has entered into a partnership agreement with Google Cloud to expand game offerings with web3 capabilities.

Google Cloud, known for its expansive cloud services, has broadened its roster of blockchain partners with a focus on integrating gaming into the web3 landscape. This time, the internet giant partnered with Aptos Labs, known for its work on the Aptos blockchain, according to a press release shared with crypto.news.

Under the collaboration, Google Cloud added support for Aptos’ latest venture dubbed “Aptos GameStack,” which is described as a unified platform for the creation, integration, and linkage of blockchain elements within video games.

Leveraging Google’s resources, Aptos seeks to enhance its solution by incorporating analytics and integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning products alongside web3 game tools.

“Games of any kind can now easily harness the power of Web3 technology with Aptos GameStack. Our partnership with Aptos Labs elevates the player benefits of Web3 technology into the mainstream of the games industry.”

Jack Buser, director for games, strategic industries at Google

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Aptos GameStack is anticipated to feature various products, including access to Unity APIs for digital wallets, transactions, non-fungible token (NFT) collections, and other web3 elements. Additionally, the development kit will allow developers to roll out web2 sign-on scripts, enabling integration with users’ existing social networks such as Facebook or Gmail.

The collaboration comes amid a significant milestone in the web3 gaming sector, as the total value of web3 gaming tokens surged past $30 billion for the first time in years. As crypto.news previously reported, Edward Wilson from Nansen, attributed the growth to a shift in investor activity towards higher-risk investments, prompting increased exploration beyond traditional cryptocurrencies for potential returns.

The upcoming Game Developer Conference — an annual event for video game developers — is expected to stimulate developer interest in web3 gaming even further, thereby contributing to the growing enthusiasm surrounding gaming tokens, Wilson added.

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