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Offchain Labs Unveils ArbOS 20 Atlas, Dramatically Cutting Transaction Costs on Arbitrum

source-logo  blockster.com 14 March 2024 16:33, UTC

This week, Offchain Labs, the pioneering force behind Arbitrum, Ethereum's leading Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, has announced the launch of ArbOS 20, codenamed "Atlas."

This milestone release represents a major stride forward for the Arbitrum ecosystem, ushering in support for the Ethereum Dencun update across all Arbitrum chains. With the integration of Stylus and EVM+, ArbOS Atlas empowers developers to execute applications and use cases previously deemed unfeasible on Arbitrum, particularly those generating a high volume of transactions, such as Gaming, SocialFi, or DeFi exchanges.
One of the most impactful outcomes of ArbOS Atlas is a substantial reduction in Ethereum Layer 2 transaction costs.
By enabling Arbitrum chains to post user transactions in the form of a Blob, Atlas ushers in a new era of transaction economics, slashing costs and unlocking new storage opcodes for more economical transient data storage. Moreover, Atlas introduces support for EIP-6780, aligning Arbitrum's security posture with that of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and laying the groundwork for future EVM enhancements.

Steven Goldfeder, CEO and Co-Founder of Offchain Labs, expressed enthusiasm for the benefits brought by ArbOS Atlas: "The decision by the Arbitrum DAO to adopt ArbOS Atlas reflects a significant milestone for the community, particularly in terms of improved transaction pricing."
"This upgrade underscores our commitment to scaling Ethereum for broader adoption and enhancing the user experience for the native crypto community."

Steven Goldfeder, CEO & Co-Founder of Offchain Labs
In addition to the reduction in Layer 1 posting fees facilitated by EIP-4844, ArbOS Atlas also brings about decreases in the L2 base fee and L1 surplus fee. Notably, the L1 surplus fee per byte will be reduced from 2 gwei to 0, while the L2 minimum base fee will drop from 0.1 gwei to 0.01 gwei.

These fee reductions, coupled with the introduction of Blob-carrying transactions, promise a more cost-effective and efficient transaction environment for users and developers alike.

Altlayer, Caldera, Conduit, and Gelato, key providers of Arbitrum Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS), have pledged their commitment to upgrading existing Orbit chains to ArbOS Atlas and supporting Ethereum Dencun integration. The move is expected to democratize access to ArbOS Atlas's benefits and drive adoption across the Arbitrum ecosystem

"ArbOS 20 - 'Atlas' promises numerous functional improvements for transactions running on Arbitrum, especially with regards to pricing and cost economics. We believe these are critical if we are to attract widespread adoption of rollups."

Yaoqi Jia, CEO of AltLayer
Matt Katz, CEO of Caldera, shared his anticipation, stating, "EIP-4844 blobs will make operating a rollup orders of magnitude less expensive, improving the user experience for our customers and their communities. We can't wait to see the new innovations that cheap, Ethereum-native data availability will enable."

About Offchain Labs

Offchain Labs is a Princeton-founded, venture-backed company dedicated to blockchain research and development. As the original contributors to Arbitrum, Offchain Labs has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the industry with its leading network scaling solutions. Through products like Prysm, Arbitrum Orbit, Stylus, and Arbitrum Nitro, Offchain Labs continues to drive innovation and enhance usability in the blockchain space, aligning its efforts with the broader Ethereum community's goals and vision.