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Orbofi AI forms a partnership with Core Chain

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 14 March 2024 09:32, UTC

Orbofi AI has formed a partnership with Core Chain. Through this, they will introduce a transformed way of online content building. There will also be the bringing in of the democratization of AI-generated assets and tokenization. For the uninitiated, Orbofi is an AI engine in the Web3 space, whereas Core Chain is a rapidly growing EVM adaptable Blockchain boosted by Bitcoin.

Orbofi comes with an extensive user base, reaching a figure of more than 250,000. With the help of the partnership, they will initiate an uninterrupted platform meant to build and tokenize AI-produced content and AI agents. This will utilize the full potential of AI.

The synchronization between AI and Blockchain is not simply a technological advancement but a basic change in the way forward for content building and disbursement. On-chain AI-produced content speaks of a future in which there are no ceilings pertaining to creativity. This is necessary to allow a greater range of ideas to improve the online arena.

The joining hands of Orbofi with Cre Chain stands for setting up a decentralized space for matters related to building, disbursement, and monetizing content and overall exposure. The platform initiates providing AI-propelled content and tokenization in the form of NFTs. By allowing developers to obtain real ownership and governance regarding their creations, this initiation opens the doors for inventiveness and commerce in the Web3 ecosystem, setting a fresh benchmark for on-chai AI applications.