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Astar Network introduces Yoki Origins with Astar zkEVM

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 08 March 2024 09:50, UTC

Astar Network announced the launch of Yoki Origins, a Web3 adventure that has been unveiled in coordination with Astar zkEVM. The objective is to offer a gamified onboarding process to users. They later gain access to a variety of digital collectibles created by artists and enterprises. The unique digital collectibles that will be up for distribution and selling will represent NFTs, non-fungible tokens. A total of three elements will play a crucial role: Yoki, OMA, and Lore.

Japanese illustrators have created a collection of original characters called Yoki. Players can evolve Yokis by participating in the game and obtaining several Yokis. OMA is an in-game item, and Lore are points that have to be accumulated. Participants will further gain access to exploring the expanding utility and benefits of the Astar zkEVM ecosystem.

Simply put, Yoki Origins is a journey wherein players are tasked with collecting Yoki, or Yokis, and accumulating Lore. They can continue to collect as many NFTs as possible. Collecting multiple Yokis will give them the right to fuse them and unveil an upgraded character version.

By logging in every day and completing the quests, one can earn OMA. Lores, the in-campaign points, can be accumulated by owning Yoki, collecting several characters, fusing them, and following the leaderboard for updated information about their standing. Notable Japanese companies that are already a part of Yoki Origins are CASIO, CANDY GIRL, Kyushu Railway Company, and Japan Airlines.

Interestingly, Yoki Origins additionally grants access to dApps, or decentralized applications. This includes the likes of Quickswap, Dew, DappRadar, XO, and Rarible at the moment, with more to follow soon. Players will be able to leverage their Yoki holdings to explore dApps and their functionality. For instance, it grants them access to XO, a dating application.

Astar Network announced a limited-time campaign, enabling players to double their holdings until March 14, 2024. The move is to celebrate the launch of Yoki and double the allowance of every player in the ecosystem.

The announcement of its native token, ASTR, has been successful. It is up by 2% at the time of writing this article. ASTR is dancing around $0.1559, which reflects a slip of 1.61% in the last seven days and a drop of 10.99% in the last 30 days.

The development comes days after Astar announced the launch of the mainnet version of zkEVM. The zk-rollup was launched on Ethereum, connecting to the Polygon-developed Agglayer. Making the zkEVM public has marked the beginning of a unifying state and liquidity, boosting cross-chain interoperability.

It bridges the ecosystem of Astar with Ethereum and Polygon. The commitment is to grow the ecosystem in the years to come by making it convenient for additional projects to implement the CDK standard. It has paved the way for conveniently transferring any Ethereum asset natively to the Astar zk rollup via a unified bridge.