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Nansen and Mantle Network Join Forces to Elevate Blockchain Market Intelligence

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 06 March 2024 10:05, UTC

In a significant development for the blockchain industry, Nansen, a leading blockchain analytics provider, has announced a partnership with Mantle Network, an innovative Layer-2 technology built on Ethereum. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way developers, investors, and community members understand and interact with blockchain data through the introduction of a Macro Data Dashboard and enhanced integration of blockchain insights across various platforms.

The newly unveiled Macro Data Dashboard is a testament to the capabilities of both Nansen and Mantle Network, offering users an extensive overview of blockchain market dynamics and operations. By leveraging more than 300 million on-chain wallet data points alongside Nansen’s proprietary market and trading indicators, the dashboard promises to provide the most accurate and timely blockchain insights available today.

This partnership goes beyond the Macro Data Dashboard. Mantle will be fully integrated into the Nansen ecosystem, including the Nansen Portfolio, Nansen Query, and the Nansen App. This integration is set to broaden the spectrum of analytical tools available, ensuring that users have access to comprehensive blockchain analytics and market intelligence.

Unlocking Advanced Blockchain Insights

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the commitment to data integrity and confidentiality. By partnering with Mantle Network, Nansen is enhancing its capability to deliver essential market and blockchain insights. This move underscores Nansen’s ongoing commitment to innovation and delivering advanced solutions to the blockchain community.

Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Mantle Network to integrate their data into Nansen’s suite of products. Our mission at Nansen has always been to surface the signal and create winners. This partnership empowers crypto teams, investors and the Mantle community with a deeper understanding of their ecosystem. This will set Mantle up as a winning chain in the years to come.”

The collaboration is not only technical but also strategic, providing users with a deeper understanding of the Mantle ecosystem, and facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning. Developers, investors, and community members will all find valuable insights into network activity and market trends, fostering a more profound engagement with the blockchain ecosystem.

Igneus Terrenus, Public Liaison at Mantle, reflected on the partnership, saying, “We have admired Nansen’s work for a long time, and it’s a great pleasure for us to team up with Nansen to give Mantle watchers and users the best on-chain intelligence on the market, so everyone can derive the greatest insights and benefits from Mantle’s powerful offerings the same way ‘smart money’ does.”

The Macro Data Dashboard is offering a seamless and intuitive experience for accessing essential blockchain insights. This partnership between Nansen and Mantle Network is set to elevate the blockchain analytics and insights landscape, providing unprecedented access to data and fostering a more informed and engaged blockchain community.