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Micro3 Partners with FantomFDN, Pioneering Web3 and Creator Economy

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 29 February 2024 13:27, UTC

Micro3, a Decentralized SocialFi Mint-To-Earn leader, recently partnered with FantomFDN, generating buzz. This partnership advances Web3 projects and the creator economy with LayerZero and Chainlink.

Micro3 and Fantom Integration Simplifies NFT Minting and Enhances User Experience

One of the best things about this integration is the fastest and cheapest Fantom NFT minting. Users now have fast transactions and low gas fees, making minting easy. Micro3 and Fantom updated the Fantom blockchain NFT system. They want to improve the ecosystem by giving creators and collectors better features and an easier interface.

To launch their partnership, Micro3 and Fantom launched the Micro3 x Fantom NFT collection. This unique collection will debut on February 29 and be available until March 14, 2024. Users will receive 500 M3G for each Micro3 x Fantom NFT, increasing the value of their digital assets. People who contribute the most will receive special rewards, and the 10 people with the most Micro3 x Fantom NFTs will be honored for their dedication.

Along with the integration, Micro3 has partnered with Fantom, a fast, scalable, and safe smart contract platform for digital assets and DApps. Businesses and government organizations use Fantom’s blockchain, which has over 100,000 unique addresses and demonstrates its dependability. Fantom with Micro3 lets users join this fast-growing ecosystem, opening up new growth and expansion opportunities.

Micro3 and Fantom Forge Strategic Partnership

Fantom’s layer-1 EVM-compatible platform with permissionless aBFT consensus has clear benefits. Fanstom transactions are fast and cheap, making them ideal for DeFi apps and real life. Fantom is popular with developers and users due to its speed, low transaction costs, and high transaction volume.

User participation is welcome as Micro3 and Fantom begin this journey. This collaboration illustrates Web3 projects and decentralized finance challenges and opportunities. As the cryptocurrency market ages, platforms like Micro3 and Fantom encourage new ideas and empower creator economy users. They enable an open, decentralized financial system by maximizing blockchain technology and forming strategic partnerships.