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ICP.Hub Korea forms strategic partnership with Fandomdao

source-logo  crypto.news 29 February 2024 10:54, UTC

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ICP.Hub Korea identified Fandomdao, SocialFi project, and solidified a strategic partnership earlier this year.

Fandomdao, a web3 socialFi project, aims to engage global fandoms of established and emerging artists worldwide.

Since its launch, Fandomdao has acquired more than one million users with an outstanding overall active participation rate of 95.7%.

ICP.Hub Korea forms strategic partnership with Fandomdao - 1

ICP recognizes the remarkable user metrics of Fandomdao, further highlighting its potential impact and significance in the evolving landscape of web3 social platforms.

At the core of Fandomdao’s strategy lies the Fandomdao Challenge — an extraordinary initiative that harnesses the collective power of fan engagement and philanthropy.

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By ingeniously amalgamating the power of fan votes on preferred topics and cultivating a culture of sharing, Fandomdao experienced an impressive surge, amassing over one million new user sign-ups within a remarkably condensed time frame of just three weeks.

Incorporating web2 and web3 marks a pivotal shift for Fandomdao, ushering in a new paradigm with a fair reward system for decentralized engagement and user participation. While maintaining a commitment to decentralization, Fandomdao recognizes the importance of accessibility.

The platform ensures a user-friendly experience for web2 and web3 users by seamlessly integrating with traditional social logins, facilitating a smooth transition to the web3 ecosystem.

Moreover, operating as a decentralized platform, Fandomdao empowers all participants to claim ownership of their creations, fandoms, and artworks.

This convergence of fan communities, charitable endeavors, and blockchain technology signifies the dawn of a new era characterized by community-centric initiatives driven by passionate purposes.

The potential integration of Fandomdao with ICP holds significant promise as ICP provides users access to a decentralized blockchain network characterized by swift connectivity and robust support for decentralized applications (dapps) facilitated by smart contracts.

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With its infinitely scalable architecture and advanced security protocols, ICP has solidified its position as a state-of-the-art solution within distributed computing. The robust network of ICP brings tremendous synergy to fortify the ecosystem of Fandomdao.

While the ambition to reshape the internet and diminish the dominance of tech giants like Google or Facebook may seem daunting, it is not unattainable.

Our collective aspiration is to construct an “open and free” web3 realm where millions of computers interconnect through protocols.

Fandomdao is dedicated to maximizing the universality of web3, offering users worldwide an ideal environment to embrace blockchain technology beyond the constraints of cryptocurrencies.

Through the strategic collaboration between ICP and Fandomdao, we are advancing towards a more inclusive and impactful fandom experience.

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