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ZNS Connect Launches Testnet on Berachain, Invites Community Participation

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 25 February 2024 16:11, UTC

In a groundbreaking move towards decentralized naming services, ZNS Connect has officially announced the launch of its Testnet on Berachain. In addition, the decentralized naming service is inviting community participation to shape the future of this integration.

🌐 Our Testnet is officially live on Berachain!

We're aiming to mint a whopping 300,000 domains within just 14 days. But we can't do it alone! We need the support of our incredible community with @berachain

Join us in this exciting journey by visiting https://t.co/nFsSZ9zuo7… pic.twitter.com/wzi55SOrAs

— ZNS Connect 🛡️| Mainnet Live (@ZNSConnect) February 25, 2024

ZNS Connect’s Ambitious Goal and Berachain’s Innovative Foundation

The announcement was made via ZNS Connect’s official X account, where they expressed their ambitious goal of minting 300,000 domains within a mere 14 days. Recognizing the importance of community support, ZNS Connect emphasized the need for collaboration with the Berachain community to achieve this milestone.

Berachain, known for its innovative Layer 1 blockchain designed specifically for DeFi applications, offers improved alignment between validators, stakers, and applications on its network. Built on the Cosmos SDK and boasting Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, Berachain integrates DeFi functionalities directly into its core. In this way, it is providing a robust foundation for projects like ZNS Connect.

The integration between ZNS Connect and Berachain opens up a world of possibilities for decentralized naming services. Users can now explore the vast potential of ZNS Connect domains on Berachain, contributing to testing efforts aimed at shaping the future of this integration.

Engaging the Community in Testing: Steps, Roles, and Raffle Incentives

Key testing steps outlined for ZNS Connect on Berachain include setting a primary domain, adding a cover, providing main info, including social links, updating profile data, and viewing the profile. Community members who successfully test ZNS Connect on Berachain are encouraged to provide feedback and report any issues through the designated Discord channel. In recognition of their contributions, testers will be granted the exclusive role of ZNS Tester, along with access to future benefits.

Additionally, community members are invited to participate in a raffle hosted at Galxe for a chance to win, further incentivizing engagement and participation in the testing process.

Overall, the launch of ZNS Connect’s Testnet on Berachain represents a substantial leap forward within the domain of decentralized naming services. This milestone underscores the importance of fostering collaboration and community participation to drive the evolution and success of this integration. By bringing together the expertise and insights of both ZNS Connect and Berachain communities, this initiative aims to redefine the landscape of decentralized naming services.