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AELF Revolutionizes Blockchain Solutions with Google Cloud

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 22 February 2024 10:28, UTC

AELF, a leading blockchain solutions provider, is working with Google Cloud, a top cloud computing provider. This association brings in a new blockchain era. The goal is to offer businesses safe, effective, and expandable blockchain services that meet the needs of the digital age. AELF wants to use Google Cloud’s advanced infrastructure and security to change how businesses use blockchain technology to innovate and achieve strategic goals.

Our partnership with @GoogleCloud marks a step forward in our journey to advance #Web3 and make aelf #blockchain more accessible and efficient for businesses worldwide.

Thanks @GoogleCloud_SG for assisting us in integrating the solutions!đź’™https://t.co/t9JSU2L7Ca#CryptoNews

— ælf (@aelfblockchain) February 22, 2024

AELF Tackles Blockchain Adoption Barriers with Google Cloud Integration

Blockchain technology could transform healthcare, decentralized finance, supply chain management, and more. Due to technical issues like slow processing speeds, limited scalability, and communication issues between systems, blockchain hasn’t been widely adopted despite its potential.

AELF’s main goal is to provide blockchain solutions that are cutting-edge, useful, and easy for businesses of all sizes to use. AELF has been at the forefront of research and development. It is looking for new ways to make blockchain networks more secure, efficient, and scalable.

However, blockchain solutions must be stable and easy to use to be widely accepted and used. AELF chose Google Cloud to take advantage of its advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge technology stack. Google Cloud infrastructure offers automatic scaling, detailed documentation, and top-notch security. These factors make it ideal for AELF’s blockchain services.

Moving AELF’s global node network to Google Cloud advances the company’s goal of providing safe, efficient, and scalable blockchain solutions to businesses worldwide. AELF completed the migration in mid-2023 with the help of its trusted partner Searce, overcoming billing account and software installation and configuration issues.

AELF Expands Blockchain Accessibility Through Google Cloud Integration

Today, AELF serves blockchain services on encrypted Compute Engine VMs. This ensures services are safe, available, and scalable. Cloud SQL and Compute Engine support automated high scalability. This helps AELF meet customer demands while reducing operational costs. Moreover, it improves service availability and security. Network separation with a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) adds stability and security.

Therefore, AELF and Google Cloud’s partnership advances blockchain technology. AELF can spread blockchain use and offer businesses safe, effective, and new blockchain services using Google Cloud’s advanced features and infrastructure. As blockchain technology changes the digital world, partnerships like this promote growth, innovation, and new opportunities for businesses worldwide.