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SubQuery Unveils Full Support for Telos Blockchain with Lightning-Fast Data Indexing

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 05 February 2024 13:51, UTC

In a groundbreaking move, SubQuery announces full support for the Telos blockchain, introducing lightning-fast data indexing capabilities. This integration might revolutionize Telos blockchain development by giving developers powerful capabilities for processing on-chain data, speeding development cycles, and onboarding the next billion people to the blockchain ecosystem.

Telos Emerges as a Blockchain Powerhouse with tEVM and Impressive Transaction Speeds

Telos is renowned for its tEVM (Telos Ethereum Virtual Machine). It stands out as one of the fastest EVMs available. Additionally, it has remarkable capabilities, including processing over 15,200 transactions per second, 0.5-second block production, and a flawless five-year service history. As a result, Telos provides an ideal platform for innovative blockchain applications.

Telos blockchain developers can use SubQuery’s adaptive, quick, transparent, and distributed data indexing solution. This connection helps them manage and obtain on-chain data for protocols and apps.

Developers get a specialized API from SubQuery to simplify backend operations. They can focus on product development and user experience without building specialized indexing systems.

The Telos Foundation Dev Team applauds SubQuery’s ability to give developers easy access to on-chain data, enabling fast and efficient blockchain analysis. They believe this will improve developer experience, bring innovation, and promote Telos in the blockchain ecosystem.

SubQuery provides an open-source SDK, tools, documentation, and developer support. Telos also receives enterprise-level managed services. This service, which can execute hundreds of millions of daily searches, supports SubQuery’s goal of providing developers with a complete indexing experience.

SubQuery and Telos Elevate Blockchain Development Globally

The next SubQuery Network will decentralize the indexing system, benefiting Telos developers. SubQuery’s founder and CEO, Sam Zou, wants to combine Telos’s powerful infrastructure with outstanding indexing.

Meanwhile, its easy architecture allows users to create a customized API for dApps or smart contracts in minutes. SubQuery’s versatility enables developers execute external API calls and import external libraries in mapping functions. Developers have more authority to perform infrastructure projects and automated denial-of-service defenses.

SubQuery excels at speed, which is vital. Multi-threading and efficient storage reduce expensive database writes, speeding up SubQuery synchronization. This speed advantage lets developers iterate faster and deliver products more efficiently. SubQuery’s connection with Telos advances blockchain development. SubQuery and Telos’ relationship will transform blockchain development by improving accessibility, efficiency, and innovation for developers worldwide.