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Ethereum Attestation Service Launches Innovative Builder Program

source-logo  cryptopolitan.com 20 January 2024 10:40, UTC

The Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) has unveiled its latest initiative – the Attestation Fellowship Builder Program. The program represents a step forward in fostering innovation and supporting early-stage development within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Unleashing potential: The Attestation Fellowship Builder program

The Attestation Fellowship Builder Program is a meticulously structured six-week journey, entirely conducted remotely, designed to empower participating teams to bring their attestation-related products from conception to launch. The program’s ambitiously broad scope encapsulates a variety of domains, including but not limited to knowledge provenance, reputation systems, data markets, content authenticity, voting systems, audit verification, collateral loans, and RWA (Real-World Asset) verification.

The initiative is not just another incubator program; it’s a testament to EAS’s commitment to nurturing a new generation of blockchain applications that leverage the power of attestation. By focusing on attestation-related products, EAS aims to address some of the most pressing challenges in the blockchain space, such as ensuring the authenticity and integrity of data, enhancing trust in decentralized systems, and expanding the applicability of blockchain technology in diverse sectors.

A gateway for innovators and visionaries

The Attestation Fellowship Builder Program is not just an incubator; it’s a beacon for early-stage founders and teams that have yet to secure funding. Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering innovation, EAS has opened its doors wide, inviting applications from a broad spectrum of talent and vision. The application window remains open until February 18th, offering a valuable opportunity for those at the forefront of innovation to step into the spotlight.

The selection process is keenly competitive, with an estimated ten teams set to be officially admitted into the program by the end of February. The exclusivity ensures that each team receives tailored guidance, resources, and mentorship, maximizing their chances of successfully launching their attestation products within the ambitious six-week timeframe.

Beyond the program: A commitment to long-term success

It’s crucial to understand that the program is a launchpad, not a guarantee of immediate success or investment. EAS has been transparent in communicating that while the program does not offer direct investment, it represents a profound investment in the capabilities, potential, and future of the participating teams.

By not guaranteeing investments from partners, the program instills a sense of realism and self-reliance in participants. It encourages teams to focus on building robust, market-ready solutions that can stand on their own merits. However, the real value of the program lies in the exposure, networking opportunities, and credibility that comes with being an EAS Fellow. The knowledge, experience, and connections gained during the program are assets that will continue to yield benefits long after the six weeks.


The launch of the Attestation Fellowship Builder Program by the Ethereum Attestation Service is a clear signal of the burgeoning potential and increasing importance of attestation services in the blockchain ecosystem. By focusing on empowering innovators and visionaries with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to succeed, EAS is paving the way for a future where blockchain technology realizes its full potential, not just as a ledger for cryptocurrencies but as a foundational technology for a wide array of applications across various industries. As the application deadline approaches and the selection process unfolds, the tech community eagerly anticipates the innovative solutions and transformative projects that will emerge from the pioneering program.