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Polkadot Powers MeWe’s Historic Web3 Migration: 500,000 Users Embrace One Frequency

source-logo  crypto-news-flash.com 19 January 2024 10:13, UTC
  • MeWe, Polkadot, and Amplica Labs move 500,000 users to Web3, offering data ownership, privacy, and control.
  • Project Liberty’s DSNP integration empowers users to claim universal handles and control their online presence.

Social network MeWe, in partnership with Polkadot and Amplica Labs, has achieved a historic milestone. Over 500,000 active MeWe users have successfully transitioned to the Web3 era through integration with the Polkadot parachain, one_frequency this is according to a tweet on x.

Social network @MeWe has successfully moved 500,000 active users on-chain thanks to an integration with the Polkadot parachain @one_frequency, and @AmplicaLabs 🌐

This migration from Web 2.0 to Web3 is the largest of its kind and was carried out seamlessly without disrupting…

— Polkadot (@Polkadot) January 17, 2024

This migration is the largest of its kind and has been executed without disrupting the user experience. The move signifies a significant step in empowering users with data ownership, privacy, and control in the digital realm.

Web3 Migration Success

MeWe, a globally recognized social network boasting over 20 million users, has partnered with technology development company Amplica Labs to redefine the digital landscape. Together, they have harnessed the power of the Frequency blockchain, a Layer-1 blockchain, to enable the seamless migration of 500,000 active MeWe users to the Web3 ecosystem.

This remarkable achievement sets a new precedent for transitioning users from the traditional Web 2.0 to the decentralized Web3, all while ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Empowering Web3 Functionalities

With this migration, MeWe users are now poised to experience a host of Web3 functionalities that empower them like never before. These functionalities include:

  • Data Ownership: Users gain complete control over their data, marking a shift from platforms that often exploit user information.
  • Universal Handle: The ability to claim a universal handle simplifies user identification and interaction in the digital space.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Web3 offers heightened privacy protection, reducing the risks associated with traditional Web 2.0 platforms.
  • Increased Control: Users have greater control over their digital presence and interactions, ensuring a safer and more customizable online experience.

In 2022, MeWe unveiled its plans to incorporate the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), an open internet protocol introduced by the Project Liberty Foundation.

The Project Liberty initiative, which is backed by a $500-million commitment, aims to create a healthier digital ecosystem by liberating social networking functionality from closed, proprietary platforms and integrating it into the web. This collaboration positions MeWe at the forefront of a transformative internet usage and data control shift.

Amplica Labs’ Role in Web3 Transition

Amplica Labs, a key contributor to the Frequency ecosystem and a part of McCourt Global’s technology business, played a pivotal role in making this migration a reality. Braxton Woodham, co-creator of DSNP and president of Amplica Labs, emphasized the rapid growth and commitment to developing tools and infrastructure that empower developers to lead the way in building the next generation of social networks.

Recently, McCourt Global announced that Amplica Labs has become an integral part of Project Liberty, a comprehensive initiative to challenge Big Tech and usher in a new era of innovation for the common good. This strategic alignment positions Amplica Labs within the Project Liberty Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization with a vast international partner network that includes esteemed institutions such as Georgetown University, Stanford University, Sciences Po, and other prominent academic and civic organizations.

Amplica Labs’ primary focus within this collaboration will be developing cutting-edge digital infrastructure, laying the foundation for the future of digital connectivity.

Polkadot is currently trading at $7.20 with a 2.4% decline in the previous 24 hours.