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DAO Labs and Telos Launch Telos Hub for Social Mining Growth

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 16 January 2024 19:22, UTC

In a significant development, the Core Team of DAO Labs and Telos have unveiled the launch of Telos Hub. It is a new platform within the expanding Social Mining Galaxy. To build the Telos blockchain community, Telos Hub will start at 11:30 UTC on January 16, 2024. Since December 2018, the Layer 0 blockchain network Telos has never been down. The interconnected Telos network prioritizes data handling, threat protection, and decision-making across numerous nodes.

🟣Introducing the most undervalued Blockchain Network to the Social Mining Galaxy. No downtime since 2018. – Validated as fastest EVM, John Lilic – @ChiefOfTelos > 2014 NYC Bitcoin Center/Consensys Trailblazer < just announced as Foundation Director.

🍾 @TheDAOLabs and… pic.twitter.com/dO9LxwBYbd

— DAO Labs (@TheDAOLabs) January 16, 2024

Telos Hub Rewards Social Miners for Ecosystem Contributions

With 15,200 transactions per second at low cost, Baylor University Blockchain Collective certified the Telos EVM as the fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine worldwide. More than 1.2 million users, multiple partners, and many dApps make Telos a promising growth platform.

DAO Labs, the program’s main sponsor, will incorporate Layer 1 solutions and top 100 crypto firms into Social Mining. To encourage high-quality UGC, we aim to give Social Miners a safe and appealing environment. In a blog post, DAO Labs CEO Malte Christensen and COO Shuyong Yang claimed the company is willing to help innovative initiatives, citing Telos as an undervalued Layer 1 platform with high earning potential.

Christensen says technology, a loyal retail user base, liquidity, tokenomics, exchange listings, and innovation affect Social Miners’ income potential. Telos should have community support for its remarkable features. Social miners can search for work. They can earn incentives for Telos Ecosystem contributions by posting on social media. After the Validation Team verifies the quality, users can swap points for $TLOS tokens in the marketplace.

Telos Hub Utilizes Massive User Base for Improved User Functionality

Telos Hub will celebrate its opening with simple and rewarding tasks and exclusive incentives for Social Mining Framework novices. Social media platform X encourages members with a minimum number of followers to create and share Telos-related content to win incentives. The launch of Telos Hub should boost the ecosystem. It helps corporate clients seeking creative solutions, developers investigating decentralized technologies, and users wanting better digital experiences.

Telos Hub improves popular apps with blockchain. Telos Hub emphasizes inclusivity, allowing newcomers to participate in activities across multiple Social Mining platforms simultaneously. Telos Hub stresses Social Mining and develops a dynamic ecosystem for community engagement, creativity, and incentives.