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Humanode and Viction Join Forces to Tackle Sybil Attacks in Web3

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 10 January 2024 16:25, UTC

Humanode and Viction are developing a groundbreaking alliance to combat Sybil attacks in Web3. The collaboration adds Humanode’s BotBasher to Viction’s Discord infrastructure to boost its ecosystem. This strategy will prevent manipulation.

We're joining forces with @VictionEco to bring Sybil-resistance to its ecosystem. BotBasher is now integrated into Viction's discord, ensuring a secure and fair experience for the community.

Read the full announcement for details: https://t.co/0IjufEPoM3

— HUMANODE (@humanode_io) January 10, 2024

Viction Chooses BotBasher for Sybil Attack Defense

Viction leads the digital world by supporting open, secure, and user-friendly blockchain technology. Due to its gas-free and fast transaction processing, Viction has attracted many users and become a hotspot for blockchain developers.

Viction’s commitment to a fair and transparent network and a vibrant Discord community made them aware of their ecosystem’s vulnerability to Sybil attacks. Viction chose Humanode for its strength and efficiency, knowing BotBasher could improve platform security.

BotBasher, a Discord plugin, uses Humanode’s advanced cryptobiometric technology to verify users’ identities. BotBasher works on Galxe, Zealy, TaskOn, and QuestN. BotBasher is a reliable method for fighting rogue bots and multi-account users with over 270,000 confirmed users on over 300 servers.

BotBasher’s integration into Viction’s Discord is beneficial. The Viction team can improve campaigns, airdrops, and reward distribution with Sybil attack protection. This ensures fair and unmanipulated ecosystem resource and benefit allocation.

This deal makes Viction residents’ lives fairer. Voting mechanisms that follow “1 person = 1 vote,” engagement campaigns that follow “1 person = 1 reward,” airdrop distributions that follow “1 person = 1 airdrop spot,” and NFT mints that follow “1 person = 1 NFT” ensure equitable reward distribution. This technique eliminates the risk of manipulation by automated programs or many accounts, creating a visible and safe community.

Humanode and Viction Set Example for Fair and Inclusive Experiences

The connection also lets Viction Discord users play a “human” role. A discreet 15-second facial scan eliminates the need for KYC verification. This privacy-preserving strategy lets users prove their sentience without compromising their personal data, improving authentication security.

Humanode and Viction’s alliance is a pioneering effort to address Sybil attacks in Web3. BotBasher on Viction’s Discord platform shows a proactive approach to ecosystem security and fairness. Our alliance improves Viction’s Sybil resilience and sets a good example for the Web3 community by showing inclusive and fair experiences.

As both teams advance blockchain technology, their partnership shows the need for security, fairness, and inventiveness in the ever-changing Web3 ecosystem. The agreement shows how other platforms may safeguard their ecosystems against growing dangers and emphasizes the necessity for collaboration to expand the blockchain community.