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Cookie3 integrates Chainwire for Web3 PR distribution and monitoring

source-logo  finbold.com 10 January 2024 15:07, UTC

On January 10, Cookie3, a platform specializing in attribution and user analytics for Web3 marketers, disclosed a strategic collaboration with Chainwire, a prominent platform in crypto PR distribution.

This partnership aims to provide Cookie3 clients with enhanced access to Chainwire’s top-tier PR capabilities while offering Chainwire’s clients improved user analytics and attribution insights for their campaigns, per the information shared with Finbold.

Cookie3 facilitates monitoring user journeys for Web3 projects, seamlessly tracking transitions from off-chain to on-chain activities. This capability empowers projects to select campaigns that optimize performance strategically.

Furthermore, the platform streamlines setting up customized campaigns within a brief 60-second timeframe. These campaigns can be tailored to track essential objectives such as whitelist signups, NFT minting, or acquiring specific tokens.

Consequently, projects using Cookie3 can effectively attribute user behaviors, meet key performance indicators (KPIs), and incentivize desired outcomes.

Main utilizations of Cookie3

Cookie3 seamlessly integrates traditional Web2 interactions, enabling support for actions such as page visits and social media shares. This comprehensive functionality allows projects to attain a holistic perspective of user activity and discern how individuals engage with their protocol.

Notably, Cookie3’s solutions are characterized by being code-free and fully automated, offering 360º monitoring that encompasses all touchpoints throughout the user journey.

Numerous Web3 enterprises, spanning exchanges, game studios, and public relations agencies, leverage Chainwire’s news distribution and PR syndication platform.

Through the integration with Chainwire, Cookie3 furnishes its clients with automated PR distribution and establishes a seamless connection to ongoing marketing campaigns, enabling meticulous tracking of every significant marketing metric.

Cookie3 main goal

Cookie3’s Web3 analytics services empower companies to optimize their marketing campaigns by improving funnels and enhancing user experience.

This refinement can lead to a notable increase in conversion rates, surpassing 20%, while concurrently reducing overall marketing expenditures.

By integrating on- and off-chain events, Cookie3 streamlines monthly analytics processes, potentially saving teams significant time. This efficiency allows teams to allocate more resources to their core operational priorities.