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BitGo Secures First Custodianship for Coreum Ecosystem

source-logo  blockster.com 11 January 2024 11:42, UTC

Dubai — In a groundbreaking move, Coreum, the layer-1 blockchain designed for enterprises, has joined forces with BitGo, a global leader in digital asset security. This strategic partnership aims to propel Coreum's global network expansion by establishing a secure and efficient gateway for established institutions to access its cutting-edge technology.

Emphasizing a developer-centric approach, Coreum's infrastructure facilitates the swift deployment of decentralized applications, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability for enterprises of all sizes. Positioned as an Enterprise Grade Blockchain (EGB), Coreum prioritizes regulatory compatibility through on-chain KYC metadata and ISO20022 payment messaging standards, all while maintaining key Layer-1 features such as high throughput, security, interoperability, and scalability.

BitGo's custody services add an additional layer of security, introducing Coreum to a robust network of institutions and furthering the adoption of blockchain technology across various sectors. Coreum's technology opens avenues for innovative solutions in custom payments, rewards programs, tokenization of equity and securities, and peer-to-peer insurance products, setting the stage for the next era of programmable blockchain assets.
"Businesses have been a driving force in the modern global economy, and will continue to play an integral role in the widespread adoption of blockchain technology."

Bob Ras, CEO of Sologenic & Co-creator Coreum
"Coreum's prioritization of enterprises is not only complimented by BitGo's commitment to providing safe and secure access to digital assets but also by Coreum's sister company, Sologenic's recent launch of SoloNex, a platform enabling the tokenization and issuance of assets for institutions and enterprises alike. As an ecosystem, we are driving the narrative for the enterprise adoption of blockchain," added Bob Ras.

BitGo's Trust Company, Inc., subject to regular audits and high regulatory standards, aligns seamlessly with Coreum's regulatory-friendly framework. This alignment ensures secure on-chain token operations, including KYC features, diverse asset support, and an integrated DEX with an organic order book and Automatic Market Making (AMM).

"Our partnership with Coreum aligns with BitGo's ongoing efforts to enhance the digital asset landscape, and always prioritizing our clients' safety. As the landscape continues to evolve, we remain committed to navigating its complexities, adapting to its challenges, and seizing opportunities that align with our core principles. This collaboration embodies our dedication to enhancing the blockchain ecosystem, and as always, the safety and trust of our clients remain paramount." (Chen Fang, COO)

For more information about Coreum and its pioneering blockchain solutions, visit www.coreum.com. To learn more about BitGo, visit www.bitgo.com.