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NeoResearch adds Gitpod and GitHub Codespaces integrations to NeoCompiler Eco

source-logo  neonewstoday.com 05 January 2024 20:08, UTC

NeoResearch has integrated GitHub Codespaces and Gitpod with NeoCompiler Eco. These integrations will allow developers to get up and running with Neo and collaborate on projects more easily and efficiently.

NeoCompiler Eco is a browser-based development environment. Created by NeoResearch in 2018, it aims to onboard developers by eliminating setup requirements and hardware expectations. Since then, it has been through multiple iterations, including migration to the new N3 platform.

The tool makes it possible for visitors to write, compile, deploy, and test smart contracts from a web app. Data is written to a shared test network, featuring low block times for quick and easy testing. Other utilities such as data converters are also provided.

Cloud environments

Integration with serverless environments such as Codespaces and Gitpod makes it possible for a developer to deploy their own private instance of NeoCompiler Eco without compromising on the simplicity of setup.

Both GitHub’s Codespaces and the Gitpod platform provide VS Code-based IDEs to provide a seamless development experience. They allow users to launch a private NeoCompiler Eco instance in the browser, including a code editor, terminal, and debugger, all pre-configured for Neo development.

These cloud-based solutions are also conducive to collaboration. Gitpod allows running workspaces and snapshots to be shared, while Codespaces offers Live Share for simultaneous working. Private NeoCompiler Eco instances created and shared in this manner may be a useful tool to help developers get started with Neo development.

Live workshop

NeoResearch gave a live demonstration of the tool as part of the Neo APAC hackathon. It demonstrated how personalized NeoCompiler Eco instances could be hosted through GitPod as an alternative to the shared environment or manual project setup. As part of the workshop, founders Igor and Vitor Coehlo showcased various developer tools integrated into NeoCompiler Eco:

Codespaces requires a GitHub account, with personal accounts entitled to 120 core hours and 15 GB of storage per month. GitPod environment setup also requires a GitHub account. Users get 10 free hours a month, which can be extended to 60 free hours by connecting a LinkedIn account

Developers can get started with NeoCompiler Eco at the link below: