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Curve Finance will integrate ZetaChain for native BTC suppor

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 04 January 2024 12:01, UTC

ZetaChain recently announced an official collaboration with Curve Finance. The announcement was made on the X/Twitter account of ZetaChain.

According to the string of tweets, the parties will work together for the first native BTC support. The support will be delivered to omnichain asset pools and cross-chain swaps. ZetaChain is currently operating as the first universal blockchain, with smart contracts managing assets on multiple chains from one place.

The blockchain allows users to deploy a native cross-chain Curve on the ZetaChain network. Through this, users can steer external, native assets like they are present on one chain.

These properties enable the omnichain asset pool with the first native BTC support. Users can have BTC on Bitcoin, ETH on Ethereum, and USDC on Polygon, where other assets exist in unified liquidity. ZetaChain even dropped a mock-up look of the UI to represent its idea.

The tweets continued to explain that such pools can exist on networks like Ethereum or even ZetaChain. It will allow users to deposit native tokens to interact with wallets on any chain. For example, users can even deposit BTC from their Bitcoin wallet address.

In addition, Curve users can interact with omnichain asset pools for native cross-chain swaps. It will include Bitcoin as an input or route for trading on every Curve pool integrated with ZetaChain. It also shared a mock-up UI look for the same.

Additionally, the most recent collaboration will tackle the issue of standardized interoperability. Collaboratively, the involved parties shall assist Cruve in secretly and effectively obtaining liquidity across all networks, including the Bitcoin network.

In the long term, the collaboration will bring more trading volume to Curve Finance. It will also offer a new collateral set that can support crvUSD with a public utility that simplifies navigation across the crypto industry.

After everything is executed, Curve will get ready to launch on the ZetaChain mainnet. The collaboration will also provide growth mechanisms and incentives to facilitate a long-term partnership.