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VeChain Involved? New Look Ties the Knot with Blockchain for Sustainability

source-logo  crypto-news-flash.com 29 November 2023 13:44, UTC
  • New Look, in partnership with TrusTrace, leads sustainable fashion with transparency and corporate responsibility.
  • Blockchain traceability: A key tool for New Look in its commitment to reduce emissions and sustainability.

In an effort to combat environmental challenges in the fashion industry, UK retailer, New Look, has taken a bold step towards sustainability by partnering with blockchain traceabilitystartup , TrusTrace. This exciting development is part of New Look’s ambitious mission, Kind to our Core, which seeks to drive responsible sourcing of raw materials.

Environmental Challenges: Fashion as a Significant Contributor

Fast-moving consumer fashion has transformed the industry, making garments more affordable but also more disposable. This change has significant environmental consequences.

The textile industry, responsible for 20% of industrial waterpollution , and the production of garments that require large amounts of water to manufacture, pose critical sustainability challenges. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of clothing and footwear constitute up to 8% of the total, highlighting the urgency for more responsible sourcing practices.

Blockchain Traceability as a Tool for Sustainability

In its quest to address these challenges, New Look has partnered with TrusTrace, a startup specializing in blockchain traceability. This collaboration not only reinforces New Look’s position as a sustainability leader in the fashion industry, but also underscores the brand’s commitment to transparency in its supply chain.

Shameek Ghosh, CEO of TrusTrace, highlights the importance of the platform in seamlessly integrating with various players in the supply chain, including retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. TrusTrace’s open architecture enables integration with third parties, such as certification agencies and sustainability solution providers. This provides New Look with a detailed view of its supply chain, enabling informed and responsible decisions.

This is not TrusTrace’s first foray into blockchain traceability projects. The startup was already involved in similar initiatives in the textile industry, demonstrating its expertise in traceability and transparency in supply chains. The platform has been noted not only for its partnership with New Look, but also for having other major clients, such as adidas, Asics and Brooks Running.

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Pioneering a Sustainable Future

The partnership between New Look and TrusTrace marks a significant milestone in the quest for a more sustainable future for fashion. By addressing environmental issues rooted in garment production, New Look demonstrates its leadership and commitment to corporate responsibility.

The adoption of blockchain traceability not only offers greater visibility into the supply chain, but also sets a precedent for informed and sustainable decisions in fashion sourcing and production. At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial, New Look stands out as a visionary pioneer in the fashion industry.