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Ramp Network Integrates Solana-Based Helio to Boost Web3 Fiat Access

source-logo  crypto-news-flash.com 28 November 2023 18:44, UTC
  • Ramp Network has announced a new partnership with Helio, a Solana-powered Web3 payments platform, to make it easy to accept fiat and stablecoin payments.
  • Ramp users can now purchase top tokens including SOL, ETH and MATIC, as well as any other ERC-20 and SPL tokens directly with their fiat currencies.

Ramp Network has announced a new partnership with Helio that will further its mission to empower users by giving them a direct connection between cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Ramp is integrating Helio’s Web3 payments platform to simplify the process of accepting payment in fiat, stablecoins like USDC and USDT as well as other cryptocurrencies for merchants, content creators, internet entrepreneurs, global traders and other users.

“We are excited that Helio will join us on our journey to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the evolving world of web3. Helio users can now effortlessly transition from fiat to cryptocurrencies like $ETH, $SOL, $MATIC, $USDC, and more, directly within the Helio payments app,” commented Jose Jimenez-Mancha, the Chief Commercial Officer at Ramp, in a press release shared with CNF.

He added:

This partnership is about more than just facilitating transactions; it’s about making the Web 3 accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone, from e-commerce merchants to content creators.

Ramp launched two years ago to provide fiat on- and off-ramp services for Solana-based tokens. While it has been one of the top projects in this field, this marks its first partnership with another high-flying ecosystem project. By integrating Helio, Ramp will now offer access to dozens of top tokens at the best market rates on its platform.

Ramp and Helio Making Web3 Accessible

The partnership will play a role in shaping decentralized payments, “powered by our industry-leading on-ramp offering instant payouts, minimal fees, and a user-friendly experience that welcomes everyone into the world of crypto,” says Ramp’s Jimenez.

Helio’s co-founder and CTO Jim Walker reiterated the comments as he expressed his company’s excitement at joining hands with one of the biggest players in the space.

This move goes beyond a simple integration; it signifies a substantial step to onboard mainstream users to the benefits of decentralised payments including instant payouts & low fees, and reaching our goal of making crypto payments accessible and enjoyable for everyone,” added Walker.

Helio launched last year and within one and a half years, it has shot up to become one of the Solana ecosystem’s most prominent projects. Since its launch, it has processed over $25 million worth of payments for over 75,000 unique wallets. It caters to several cryptocurrency projects that seek e-commerce transactions, NFT sales, peer-to-peer deposits, paywalling content and subscription payments.

While it initially launched on Solana, Helio has expanded to Ethereum, Polygon and Bitcoin. It boasts a 99.99% uptime and a 98% transaction success rate. It serves some of the most important entities in the space, including the Solana Foundation and Polygon Labs.

Walker added:

As the first major project in the Solana ecosystem to partner with Ramp, we are excited to continue developing innovative solutions that will revolutionise the future of digital payments.