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Techtics Engineering Boosts DePINs with Custom Hardware in Peaq Ecosystem

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 16 November 2023 14:04, UTC

Techtics Engineering, a hardware vendor that supports decentralised physical infrastructure networks (DePINs), joined the peaqosystem. This partnership aims to address DePIN creators’ hardware expertise gap. Techtics Engineering wants to become a major player in the peaqosystem to help DePINs with hardware. This initiative aims to empower DePINs by giving them the expertise and tools to create custom devices for their projects. Customised hardware solutions optimise efficacy, save costs, and considerably increase DePIN scalability.

Peaq DePINs Take Center Stage in Web3 as Market Focus Shifts from NFTs

Decentralised physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) have emerged in Web3. It has shifted attention from digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to actual assets. This coincidence with the market’s recovery signals a major transformation for the Web3 industry. Despite the enthusiasm for DePINs, building professionals often lack specific knowledge, especially regarding hardware issues. Unlike Web3, hardware presents complex obstacles for even the most competent smart contract advocates, making the incorporation of personalized hardware solutions difficult. As a result, builders often use readily available solutions, which might increase costs and other issues.

Welcome to the peaqosystem, Techtics 🔥

Techtics Engineering is an #IoT hardware manufacturer specializing in #DePIN 💎

🔗 https://t.co/oFygUKMrDB

The team is bringing their hardware expertise to the peaqosystem to help #DePINs fine-tune their hardware, cutting production…

— peaq (@peaqnetwork) November 16, 2023

Techtics Engineering, a leading manufacturer of hardware for decentralised physical infrastructure networks, has joined the Peaq ecosystem to fill this gap. The company’s integration within the ecosystem helps DePINs improve their hardware skills and adapt their devices for their projects. DePINs can benefit from Techtics’ expertise in specialised hardware solutions.

Techtics Engineering Paves the Way for Resource Optimization

A DePIN is created to collect meteorological data in this hypothetical scenario. Due to a lack of technical expertise in building a custom device, the team chooses a pre-assembled device with multiple sensors that gather data the DePIN does not and is too expensive for most enthusiasts. If DePIN had worked with Techtics, the company would have created a custom weather station to match its needs. This would reduce prices by eliminating unnecessary parts. This technique guarantees a cost-effective solution and lowers community entrance barriers, enabling scalability.

Techtics Engineering also specialises in cellphone-based DePINs that don’t require personalized hardware. The firm helps emerging DePINs navigate the hardware landscape through consultations and workshops. These initiatives can use more resources to improve smart contracts and economic models by using this technique.