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Oasys Uses Singularity To Improve Gaming Payments On The Blockchain

source-logo  cryptonews.net 08 November 2023 13:41, UTC
Anna Martynova

In a strategic move, Oasys is partnering with Singularity to streamline cross-chain payments across its gaming ecosystem, offering a seamless financial experience for gamers and developers alike. This partnership will eliminate the hassles associated with cross-platform transactions and enable the integration of fiat payments into Verse, increasing the accessibility and attractiveness of the ecosystem.

Built specifically for gamers, Oasys has entered into a critical alliance with cross-chain payments facilitator Singularity, improving the payment experience on its platform while offering gamers convenience and functionality. By integrating its primary Hub layer with various Verse layers, Oasys becomes a pioneer in the field of gaming blockchains. The Singularity integration expands the infrastructure to enable simple cross-chain transactions, NFT purchasing, and various payments.

Singularity is designed to solve complex cross-chain transactions. With this integration, gamers can easily purchase NFTs or tokens on any Oasys Verse without the need for manual token swaps or network changes. They can also pay by credit cards and standard methods worldwide.

Image: Crypto Daily