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SPACE ID 3.0 Launches Its First Product Suite Including Genome’s .GNO Web3 Domain Services

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 03 November 2023 10:13, UTC

In a recent blog post, SPACE ID 3.0 has officially rolled out its first suite of products, marking a significant leap forward for Web3 domain services. The update comes with a barrage of innovative features, including a game-changer for the community: the introduction of Genome’s .GNO domains, designed to bridge the gap within the Gnosis ecosystem.

Space Id Pushes Web3 Domain Services

The infrastructure of Web3 domains has long been perceived as a complex thing, full of technical hurdles that could keep newbies away. However, SPACE ID 3.0 is set to turn the market with its One-Stop Domain Issuance Toolkit. This revolutionary tool simplifies the once complex process of Web3 domain creation into a few user-friendly steps. By simply filling out a form with essential details and media files, communities can kick-start their domain services in no time.

A sneak peek at the landing page of Genome, the .GNO domain provider, showcases the potential of SPACE ID’s sleek, efficient approach. They’ve also introduced a built-in NFT marketplace, serving domain traders and enthusiasts. This platform has been developed with precision to meet the needs of domain enthusiasts, serving as a centralized nexus for Web3 domains gathered from a multitude of sources. Here, traders can effortlessly browse, acquire, and list domains from places like OpenSea, Element, ENSVision, among others, all in one space.

The launch of SPACE ID 3.0 promises a surge in Web3 domain services. An improved domain management system is now in place, granting users control over their domains. They can easily manage various records, from avatars to multi-chain addresses, simplifying the management of primary names across different chains and TLDs.

Genome Brings Integration With ENS

Among the exciting developments, Genome emerges as a pivotal partner, utilizing the SPACE ID 3.0 platform to offer .GNO domains. These domains are set to not only serve the Gnosis community but also to integrate seamlessly with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), creating a unified identity across chains.

The newly unveiled Web3 Name SDK from SPACE ID 3.0 is a robust toolkit designed with a wide range of features to enhance domain name resolution and its reverse process. This development paves the way for application developers to fully utilize the capabilities of SPACE ID 3.0. The SDK supports a wide range of top-level domains (TLDs), including .eth, .lens, .crypto, .bnb, .arb, and other verified domains initiated through the SPACE ID Toolkit. What makes the SDK particularly advantageous is its quick adoption to include new TLDs as they are verified, allowing for a smooth integration process.

Importantly, the scope of the Web3 Name SDK transcends the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains. It also facilitates domain names from non-EVM chains such as .sei, .inj, and .sol.

To illustrate, if a developer integrates the Web3 Name SDK to resolve .bnb domains on the BNB Chain, and then SPACE ID introduces and verifies a new TLD like .allen, the SDK will seamlessly update to resolve .allen domain names without the need for any further upgrades or incurring additional development costs. This feature greatly simplifies domain management for both developers and users.

Genome collaborates seamlessly with SPACE ID 3.0, ensuring the delivery of the eagerly awaited .GNO domains. This collaboration guarantees users an effortless and streamlined process for domain launching and management.