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DeSpread and Ryder Join Forces to Promote Crypto Self-Custody in Korea

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 23 October 2023 13:02, UTC

DeSpread, a blockchain consulting firm, has joyfully revealed a significant partnership with Ryder, the next-gen hardware wallet. The partnership is meant to promote the digital asset self-custody culture in Korea. Through this collaboration, DeSpread aims to collaborate with Ryder in devising market strategies for the introduction of Ryder’s product suite in the Asian market. DeSpread is confident that leveraging its extensive Web3 network will facilitate Ryder’s alignment with the preferences of Web3 users.

Ryder’s Journey to Simplify Web3 Wallet Experience and Collaborative Growth

Ryder, an upcoming hardware wallet, strives to simplify the complex user experience encountered by existing web3 wallet users with seed phrases. After a rigorous two-year endeavor, Ryder gears up for the release of its physical product in Q4 2023.

General Manager Chung, the CEO & Co-founder at DeSpread, remarked that in order to create the finest product, an exceptional team is essential. He noted that after observing their process, he could affirm that the Ryder team was exceptional. He added that Ryder would introduce an unprecedented Wallet UX in the Web3 space, and DeSpread will continue to leverage their branding as their Asian hub.

CEO at Ryder, Louise Ivan, mentioned that she had collaborated with DeSpread during her early career at Stacks nearly four years ago. She stated that she had personally witnessed the development of a robust local community by DeSpread. She expressed confidence that their diligence and expertise would prove beneficial for Ryder in the future.

Empowering Digital Asset Integration with Ryder’s TapSafe Recovery System

Ryder introduces the industry’s groundbreaking TapSafe recovery system in order to replace the complicated seed-phrase process with a simple and easy combination of hardware, mobile app, and social circle. It ushers in a new era of self-custody and empowers new ventures to seamlessly integrate digital assets into everyday life. Supported by industry giants like Oak Grove Ventures and DeSpread, Ryder is poised for its debut in Q4 2023, with a team boasting alumni from Opensea, Twitter/X, NASA, and more, having a successful track record of over 10+ crowdfunding campaigns.

DeSpread, established in 2019, stands as a leading blockchain consulting firm in Seoul, South Korea, providing comprehensive solutions ranging from go-to-market strategy, media PR communication, and branding to awareness growth for both domestic and global projects. The company’s expertise spans various areas of Web3, encompassing DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and Gaming, and its consulting services are fully tailored to meet specific project requirements.