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Base announces shifting test network from Goerlito Sepolia

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 19 October 2023 15:41, UTC

Base is moving the test network from Goerli to Sepolia. The objective is fairly simple: Base wants to create a unified ecosystem and foster an environment for app development. Meaning, it is more than just a technical requirement to make the shift.

Creating a more unified ecosystem is an attempt to move hand-in-hand with optimism. Both of them have a mutual vision of creating a superchain future. The environment provided by Sepola is ideal for developing applications. Per the announcement, the environment has been tailored for app development. Most importantly, it aligns with the principle purpose of the original testnet.

However, the community can be assured that Sepolia will not exist alone for the next 2–3 months. Base has committed to their coexistence from the middle of October 2023 to January 2024. It is only after January of the next year that Sepolia will exist all by itself, making it a singular testnet.

Base has called this a significant milestone, adding that it is part of their pursuit of a more harmonized ecosystem. A transition to Sepolia will bring more avenues for cooperation with app developers, Optimism, and the builder community.

Base is coming fresh from its celebratory association with LandTorn. Both of them celebrated Lorak, a significant milestone in the onchain game. These achievements include the launch of the Coinbase mobile app and the conclusion of 300k+ Dungeons. They have handed out a reward for Base Day One NFT holders, announcing that on October 30, 2023, they will receive a free Spoil in the game.

Some of the achievements of LandTorn are:-

  • Achieving top 1-2 game on Base
  • 333k Spoil NFT
  • 75,000 Settlers
  • Over 900 holders of $SHARD

As for Base alone, it was previously seen as building Pessimism to allow creative projects to come to life. That is an open-source monitoring system that has been designed to enhance the security of Base. Pessimism is capable of quickly detecting and responding to a number of threats. Thereby, keeping the network and ecosystem safe from external threats. Pessimism was first tested in internal operations before being made available to the public.

Overall, Pessimism takes care of performance evaluation and security. It ensures that user withdrawals are safe, potential faults are detected on time, boundaries are enforced in a balanced manner for every account, and smart contracts detect events.

Circling back to Base and shifting to Sepolia, this comes after Base shares that it will co-host activities on Goerli only until January 2024. Both will coexist in the middle of October. That is, the coexistence concept should be live at the time of articulating this piece. The transition pertains to the entire testnet infrastructure. It is not just a technical shift but also a shift to create a more unified ecosystem.

Sepolia has been crafted specially to meet the app development requirements and align with the core purpose of the testnet.