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SubQuery Partners with Stellar to Enhance Decentralized Applications

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 19 October 2023 12:48, UTC

SubQuery, a popular blockchain data indexing engine, is adding Stellar, a decentralized public blockchain network. Both companies collaborated to integrate advanced indexing functions into Stellar’s new smart contract platform, Soroban. Thus, developers have a powerful tool to enhance their decentralized programs.

Stellar’s Efficiency Appeals to Developers for Traditional Financial Transactions

Stellar is known for its quick, cheap, and energy-efficient blockchain technology. Thus, developers attempting to emulate traditional financial transactions may find it appealing. SubQuery’s indexing features improve Stellar development by providing a complete data indexing solution.

Stellar’s new smart contract platform, Soroban, uses Rust. This platform lets smart contracts interface with Stellar’s numerous on-chain assets. It also facilitates global access to these resources by providing a smooth system entry and exit.

SubQuery provides developers with an open-source SDK, extensive documentation, and dedicated support. These services help create customized APIs for dApps and smart contracts. Stellar is completely integrated into SubQuery’s business-managed service, allowing it to manage hundreds of millions of daily requests.

The SubQuery Network, a decentralized indexing system with incentives and verifiability, is a major development in this collaboration. Developers can categorize data from varied projects, including Stellar network projects, using this network. This design helps projects from varied networks, improving developer flexibility and usability.

SubQuery Empowers Blockchain Developers

SubQuery Technology Evangelist Marta Adamczyk expressed optimism that SubQuery’s advanced indexing may improve Stellar. Thus, developers can use SubQuery’s fast, flexible, and transparent indexing solution. They believe their endorsement of Stellar will inspire web3 developers to create the next wave of fascinating decentralized apps.

Blockchain developers benefit from SubQuery’s many functionalities. The platform lets developers create customized APIs for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts to effectively obtain well-organized and easily accessible data. SubQuery makes it easy for developers to integrate external API calls and libraries into mapping functions.

SubQuery is designed for speed and efficiency, making it appropriate for large ledger data sets. This platform uses multithreading and store optimization to reduce database write costs and speed up synchronization. This means developers can iterate faster, delivering new things faster.

SubQuery has a full guide and a fast-start tutorial for Stellar developers. This platform indexes Soroban transfer events, account payments, credits, and debits on Stellar’s Futurenet. Recently updated SubQuery documentation includes Stellar-specific features, giving developers complete access to important tools for starting work.