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Blockchain Router device for accessing decentralized web opens funding campaign

source-logo  cryptoninjas.net 23 January 2020 07:50, UTC

Blockchain Router (BR), a routing device to access the decentralized web on any platform, is currently holding a funding campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign has $36,368 pledged out of a goal of $122,000.

The routing device acts as a gateway to the decentralized internet, meaning that users who try to access “.eth” websites will be taken there without installing any additional plugins/software and without making any other modifications.

Additionally, this router supports IPFS and SWARM protocols, which are intended for distributed hosting. So not only can users browse “.eth” websites, but also browse websites hosted on distributed networks.

If certain sales goals are reached, upgrades on the device will include a platform for a personal cloud, random profile generator, P2P internet connection sharing market, and hard drive rental space.

The router will have IPFS node installed along with the Ethereum node, both of them responsible for decentralized p2p connection. The BR team plans to add other blockchains later on, so connected users will have access to all major blockchain-based websites.

The BR team plans to deliver all pre-ordered goods and services in September 2020. More information on the device can be found on the Web 2.0 URL Router.Link or Web 3.0 URL Router.Eth.