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XRP Ledger Unveils New Milestone for Cross-Chain Bridging Feature

source-logo  u.today 25 August 2023 12:40, UTC

RippleX developers have announced a major milestone in the development of the XLS-38d cross-chain bridging primitive for XRP Ledger.

To emphasize user safety and also assure the robustness of the cross-chain bridging feature, a rigorous security audit has been conducted by Bishop Fox, a top blockchain security firm.

For all developments proposed on the XRP Ledger, trust and security are key. 🔐

A leading blockchain security firm, @bishopfox recently conducted a rigorous security audit for the XLS-38d cross-chain bridging primitive for the #XRPL.

Learn more: https://t.co/ob2bBXOZqx

— RippleX (@RippleXDev) August 24, 2023

The audit was primarily concerned with three aspects: the first was identifying vulnerabilities in systems and services exposed on internet-facing services related to the XRP sidechain bridging architecture.

Second, the overall security of the rippling bridging protocol, witness server and RPC interfaces was evaluated. Finally, any flaws or potential vulnerabilities in the rippled XRP bridging feature that could be addressed to improve its security posture were identified.

The finalized security evaluation had a total of eight findings, of which two were medium priority, five were low and one was deemed informational. None of these, however, were rated critical or major.

The Ripple engineering team has accepted the relevant findings and is working on changes to launch an effective update in the next rippled release.

More on XLS-38D

XLS-38D plays a pivotal role in XRPL sidechains, being an important development that will bring interoperability to the XRP Ledger ecosystem. This is because XRPL sidechains rely on the XLS-38d amendment, which will enable a cross-chain bridge safeguarded by witness servers.

The bridge allows XRP (and issued assets) to be transferred bidirectionally between the XRPL mainnet and an XRPL sidechain.

This cross-chain bridging software will also be utilized to connect the XRPL mainnet to the upcoming EVM sidechain, bringing compatibility to the XRP Ledger ecosystem.