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Automata Network Announces Support for Sui Network On 1RPC, Accelerating Security and Privacy for Sui Community

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 14 August 2023 11:22, UTC

As blockchain is transparent and there’s a high risk of a data breach of users, security and privacy remain a top priority for Web3 projects. In a major move forward, Automata Network has announced its collaboration with Sui Network, integrating it on 1RPC. This collaboration is set to offer heightened privacy and security to the Sui community, including users and developers.

1RPC Brings Privacy-Oriented Focus For Sui Network

In a significant move for the decentralized community, 1RPC has announced its collaboration with the Sui Network, bringing a strengthened, privacy-centric perspective for developers, projects, and enthusiastic users eager to dive deeper into the rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem.

Recognized for its pioneering capabilities, Sui operates as a cutting-edge Layer-1 blockchain. Unique in its design, Sui is adept at processing transactions in parallel, which, combined with its horizontal scalability, translates to superior throughput capabilities and significantly diminished latency.

Such advancements are not just impressive on paper; they have real-world implications. With 1RPC having protected over a staggering 7 billion relays thus far, the inclusion of Sui now elevates the number of networks under 1RPC’s extensive support umbrella to an impressive 29.

For those ingrained in the Sui ecosystem, this partnership ensures smoother operations. Native integrations are already available with popular wallets such as the Sui Wallet, Ethos Wallet, Martian Wallet, and the Nightly Wallet. Furthermore, for those who thrive on choices, the Sui Directory is readily available, allowing users to sift through and select from an array of options.

The blog states, “Protecting privacy and fairness in Web3 remains the core of what we do at Automata. Now, more than ever, as we usher in the next wave of Web3 users, it is essential that we equip users with the tools to take control of their own data and privacy in the blockchain glass box.”

1RPC Ensures ‘Privacy As Protection’

Privacy solution providers in the blockchain domain are not just a luxury but a necessity. They shield users’ identities, protect sensitive transaction data, and ensure that as we embrace this decentralized future, we don’t unwittingly sacrifice our right to privacy. 1RPC has emerged as a game-changer in this landscape. Described succinctly, it’s a free RPC relay crafted to obliterate metadata exposure and leakage.

With 1RPC, Web3 users get a one-click experience that conceals their metadata — the background information that can reveal who a user is, where they’re located, and much more. In the vast digital space where data is the new gold, metadata can be exploited by malicious actors or even used for aggressive marketing, profiling, and surveillance.

RPC nodes, users often unknowingly place a great deal of trust. Whenever a user checks their balance, initiates a transaction, or bids on an NFT, these actions are communicated to the blockchain via an RPC. While it’s common knowledge that certain information is shared with the RPC provider during this exchange, many might not realize the depth and specifics of the metadata that’s exposed, which can be concerning.

1RPC, with its advanced design, ensures that metadata remains concealed, preventing it from being accessible or gathered by any entity, including nodes overseen by Automata. The platform also actively leverages community input to spot and obstruct requests from dubious websites and to guard against threats posed by harmful smart contracts.

AltLayer, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Gear, Kusama, MathWallet, Polkadot, Polygon, Talisman, and zkSync now support 1RPC.