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SushiSwap Announces a Collaboration with ThunderCore to Innovate the Web3 Gaming Sector

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net  + 2 more 06 June 2023 14:01, UTC

A well-known decentralized exchange platform SushiSwap has recently begun a collaboration with ThunderCore (a prominent Layer-1 blockchain network). The partnership’s purpose is to bring innovation to the gaming sector within the Web3 world. The integration between both companies attempts to enable liquidity providers (LPs) to eagerly predict boosted APRs.

SushiSwap Begins a Collaboration with L1 Blockchain Network ThunderCore

On Sushi’s official Twitter handle, the company provided the details of the collaboration. The platform mentioned that ThunderCore operates as a blockchain forum that offers efficient services. It added that the platform provides great attention to usability, security, as well as scalability. In addition to this, Sushi disclosed that ThunderCore also leverages a progressive consensus protocol called PaLa.

As a result of this, the platform provides more than 4,000 TPS. Along with this, it also offers sub-second confirmations, as well as implements low gas charges. While moving on, the company also clarified that the integration with ThunderCore will enable it to provide a package of products for the enhancement of its ecosystem.

Apart from that, Sushi asserted that its latest collaborator will secure a significant position among the initial chains receiving the v3 rewards of Sushi. Moreover, the company stated that this partnership intends to redefine the fuel sustainable advancement and incentivization within the DeFi sector. Sushi also described the names of the products launched by it on ThunderCore.

Partnership Brings New Sushi Products on ThunderCore

One such product BentoBox for the optimization of capital usage. Furo is another product to offer flexible token vesting and asset streaming-related options. Another product called “Onsen” is focused on providing reward farms. SushiXSwap is a cross-chain swap instrument to enable matchless swaps. SushiSwap v3 AMM is an agenda to develop as well as deploy AMMs.


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