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LUNC Community Tests Out AI App Chain, Generates NFT Cat Pic

source-logo  dailycoin.com 01 June 2023 14:22, UTC
  • Block Entropy AI offers Terra Classic community pioneering features.
  • The first-ever generated picture on Block Entropy to be sold as NFT.
  • LUNC, USTC, and LUNA all plunge in double digits in monthly terms.

Terra Classic’s community just had a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated AI chain app being developed by Professor Edward Kim. One of the LUNC L1 Joint Task Force team members shared a snapshot of the first creation made with the Block Entropy AI chain app.

Indeed, the tester has put in the prompt “a cat standing on a rock” and received a beautiful kitten image on Block Entropy’s Phase One. According to the screenshot shared, this particular version of Block Entropy also has voice generation and AI chat functionality.

Maybe you don't know this latest hot news 👀

I just generated a cat image on block entropy, the first blockchain – powered AI generation engine. This cat is going down in #LUNC history as the first one generated. I will open NFT sale later.

Burn #LUNC, fulfill your duty pic.twitter.com/bRsXtKYRfh

— 🇻🇳⚛️The Vinh Nguyen⚛️🇻🇳 (@TheVinhNguyen4) May 30, 2023

Block Entropy: The Long-Awaited Game-Changer for LUNC?

Indeed, the Terra Classic community praised the developers for their hard work on Block Entropy. For instance, Pholuna, a loyal member of the LUNC community, called the AI Chain app “very exciting,” while several members requested to be included in the beta testing.

Many members of the LUNC community are particularly interested in the LUNC burning faucet, which aims to give Block Entropy’s in-app tokens in exchange for burning a desired amount of LUNC.

The LUNC burning strategy aims to reduce the supply of $LUNC dramatically. Meanwhile, the L1 Joint Task Force continues the work on Cosmwasm testing. The technical upgrade initiated by the L1JTF developers aspires to reach parity between Terra Classic and other Cosmos-based blockchains.

BREAKING: @luncburnarmy of the $LUNC L1TF reports a successful rehearsal upgrade for v2.1.0 which will give #LunaClassic parity with the rest of #Cosmos. Congratulations to the team on this achievement and we look forward to parity on June 14th. 💎🤲🏻 #cryptocurrency #Crypto #LUNC https://t.co/dj78iXb76u

— Mr. Diamondhandz1💎 (@MrDiamondhandz1) May 31, 2023

On the Flipside

  • Block Entropy doesn’t have a beta test link so far – only a few developers are participating in the closed beta.

Why This Matters

The post-crash Terra Classic blockchain revolves around technical upgrades, as the community is trying to revitalize the embattled network.