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Sony Network & Astar Network: Hosting the 'Web3 Incubation Program' Demo Day in June

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Sony Network Communications, in collaboration with Astar Network and Startale Labs, is set to culminate their groundbreaking Web3 Incubation Program with an eagerly anticipated Demo Day on June 18, 2023. This event, which has been registered as an "Official Event" of Japan Blockchain Week, promises to be a pivotal moment in the world of blockchain and decentralized technology.

The Demo Day will be a hybrid event, bringing together participants from across the globe both in-person at an offline venue and online in the Metaverse. It will serve as the grand finale of the Web3 Incubation Program, providing a platform for project teams to showcase their innovations to venture capitalists and large corporations seeking collaboration with Web3 startups.

Additionally, the event will feature presentations highlighting the program's progress, achievements, and future prospects.
Scheduled for June 18, 2023, from 13:00 to 18:00, the Demo Day is jointly organized by Sony Network Communications, Startale Labs & Astar Network.
The event is open to all interested individuals, with no participation fee required. It will be conducted primarily in English, allowing for a broader audience to engage in the program's activities. Registration for the event can be done by filling out a form available on the event's website.

To provide participants with a firsthand experience of each project's technology, offline attendees will receive a special SoulBound Token (SBT) NFT issued by Lemonade, a platform designed for creators & brands.

This unique NFT will commemorate the event and will be non-transferable. The venue for the in-person portion of the event will be disclosed to participants via email. Due to an overwhelming demand, event passes will be allocated through a lottery system rather than on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online participants, on the other hand, will receive an NFT pass issued by Snickerdoodle Labs, a data exchange platform that securely aggregates Web2 and Web3 data.

This NFT pass will grant them access to the Demo Day staged in the COSMIZE Metaverse, where Snickerdoodle Labs will also showcase their technology as one of the Web3 incubation program candidates. The event organizers will distribute the NFT passes issued by Snickerdoodle Labs to online attendees.

The Web3 Incubation Program aims to foster the growth and development of Web3 startups from around the world, regardless of their stage of development. Sony Network Communications and Astar Network meticulously evaluated over 200 applications, considering factors such as technology, team composition, and product appeal.

As a result, 19 exceptional projects were carefully selected to participate in the incubation program.

Sota Watanabe, the founder of Astar Network, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "These top teams launching on Astar are prepared to build Web3 solutions in collaboration with Sony Network Communications."
"Demo Day will provide a space for passionate groups to connect in Japan & further develop their Web3 vision."

Sota Watanabe, Founder of Astar Network
Throughout the program, participants have had the opportunity to benefit from learning sessions led by global venture capitalists and successful Web3 companies. They have received guidance on business and technology development strategies through mentoring, and have gained access to Sony Network Communications' extensive resources for collaboration and support.

Both online and offline interactions with the program candidates have facilitated valuable networking opportunities.


In addition to the core program participants, several notable entities are also involved in the Web3 Incubation Program. COSMIZE, the first native metaverse on Astar, is building a web-based app that allows users to experience the Web3 metaverse with a single click.

About Lemonade

Lemonade, a full-stack multichain platform, empowers creators and brands to establish their own Lemonade stands (Web3 webapps) and leverage features like immersive events with NFT ticketing, token gated commerce, and the creation of collectibles across multiple blockchains.

Closing Thoughts

As the global interest in blockchain and decentralized technologies continues to grow, initiatives like the Web3 Incubation Program play a vital role in nurturing and supporting the next generation of innovators.

With the Demo Day fast approaching, anticipation is building within the Web3 community and the broader technology landscape. This event not only showcases the achievements of the program participants but also serves as a platform to inspire and ignite further innovation in the Web3 space.


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